I’m one of the supporters of providing ONLY full feed RSS to my readers and feel it is extremely important as I don’t consider myself to be specially captivating writer. Full feed provides YOU (my subscriber) with an option to follow my posts from your favorite RSS reader or podcast Player (read more here on my RSS subscription options). And in my personal experience it didn’t decrease number of comments on my blog or the external interaction, people who liked my posts managed to find a time to actually visit the blog and share their thoughts.

But by providing a FULL RSS feed each blogger, including myself, intentionally decreases our chances to monetize our work and get some small reward for the work done. Well, here is good news for all of us – new plugin for monetizing our WordPress RSS feed.

I have just installed Feed Footer WordPress plugin and currently playing around with available options. Even if you have no intentions to actually monetize your RSS feed it provides with other great options. Here is quote from author’s post:

  • Copyright Your Feed! Add copyright notices under all your Blog Posts in the RSS feed
  • Monetize Your RSS Feeds. Show and rotate ads under your blog posts in the RSS feed (maximum of 10 ads can be rotated.)
  • HTML Enabled Footers Any HTML code can be shown in your footers! You can snazzy up your footers with banners and images! You can make your text bold or italics or underlined.
  • No Word or Line Limit. Your footer ads and notices could be 200 lines long if you so desire!

As you can see options are many and seems like a no-brainer but there is a little gatcha … I’m using FeedBurner for my RSS feed management and after implementing this plugin I still haven’t seen the changes show up in my feed. I have attempted to ping FeedBurner to update my feed to the latest but that didn’t bring the expected results. So while I’m still planning to work with this plugin and hopefully have the desired effect (in my case copyright the feed) I want to be sure that if you are planning to implement it – be aware of this possible issue.

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