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Making Sense Of Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the most common ways for bloggers to earn from the blog – but should YOU use it? Or the variation of the question I receive on regular bases – “why don’t you use AdSense on your blog?

Answer to this one simple and complex at same time and perhaps by providing it here I will save myself some time answering it and help you determine if you should use AdSense on your blog…

What Is Right For You?

And by that question I mean – what is Most Desired Action on your blog?

Answer the question above for yourself and you will be one step closer to deciding if AdSense should be used on your blog or not. Because I’m not advocating NOT to use – I’m simply trying to say here that AdSense or any other text ads are not right for every blog…

  • If you simply blog for fun or share information you know much about and have no other “alternative motive” then perhaps you should start implementing those ads ASAP.
  • …but if you are using your blog to share your knowledge AND in process establish your right to share it (some call it authority) with a goal to sell some information product in directly related field then using AdSense will cause you to loose your visitors and perhaps shouldn’t be used.

Follow The Money!

I’ll be straight up here and make a statement you simply MUST know. Not every niche is created equal and what you right about is directly responsible on what type of ads it will pull from Google. As we all know clicks on those ads is what generates the income for you and while some ads can bring you several bucks, others will only give you a few cents, while still driving your visitor AWAY FROM YOUR BLOG

You have worked hard to create content, you promoted your blog, you put your heart and your time to bring your visitors to your blog – are you willing to loose them in exchange for a few cents?

This is the second question you should answer for yourself. Determine how much do you actually get per click and is it worth to loose the visitors to gain this questionable income?

My own blog’s content is within a niche that brings next to nothing in terms of per-click income and I much rather keep the visitors reading my blog, establish relationship and possibly turn them into customers then have them click away from my blog. But you have to make that determination for your own blog…

If clicks on your blog worth enough to justify the placement of ads – don’t think twice and have them installed.

But either way don’t forget the simple principal…

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket!

And by that I simply mean don’t rely on AdSense as a source of income. Diversify your income options:

  • Use affiliate marketing on your blog and it doesn’t even have to be glorified sales letters… remember, people read your blog because they like what you have to say, people value your opinion and sharing your honest take on a product directly related to your conversation topic will be interesting to your readers. Many will act, others will ignore but either way you don’t loose anything. Implementing ClickBank affiliate links is very simple and I have covered it already here.
  • Implement CPA ads. This one is overlooked by many and yet it can be extremely profitable for right audience. Some CPA ads can bring as much as $20 per lead you send their way or even more. It does need to be directly related to your niche to be effective.
  • Add Amazon affiliate tools to your blog. Using the trust that Amazon managed to establish on internet you can earn without annoying your visitors. What’s even better the granddaddy of Affiliate Marketing continues to increase options you have for income on autopilot. So if you don’t use them yet – have a second look at what’s in store… I covered one of the options in this post.
  • Implement banner ads. Sell some of your blog real estate once you get some traffic and take advantage of banner ads come back.

Now these are not by any means all-inclusive list and never intended to be but it provides you with options to earn from your blog without breaking TOS of AdSense. And it doesn’t really matter if you use AdSense or not – I still recommend you have a look at affiliate marketing as an addition or even replacement for AdSense. In my case it is far more profitable then using text ads and that is one of the reasons why I don’t implement them.

Let me know what you think!

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20 Responses to “Making Sense Of Google AdSense”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Just to let you know how effective blogging is, I posted “The Obvious Lies” by, ON my blog on 14 January 2008 AND on 15 January 2008 it was listed #1 on Google for ” the obvious lies ” (no quotation marks in search).
    When I went to my blog, there was Google AdSense with an ad to impeach Vice-President Dick Cheney indented into my article!!! Imagine an article on “The Obvious Lies” indented with an ad with Dick Cheney’s Picture! It looked like the ad and the article went together! It was hilarious!!! I don’t know if it looked more like Dick Cheney was being accused or he was refuting the “Lies”.
    I would post the picture, but I don’t know how yet.
    I have tried to post my picture in my comments here, but not successful yet.
    On this article “Making Sense Of Google AdSense”, I agree with you in regards to follow the money and I would add follow your heart.
    I purchased the “Peel Away Ads” Program back in June of 2007. It cost me $27.00 then. I was very impressed with the program and was hoping to install it then. It seemed too difficult then. The program gathered dust on my hard drive until today. I’ve installed the affiliate link on my blog thanks to Your instruction. It was EASY.. This goes to show how effective video instruction is!
    Check out my Peel Away here:
    Thanks Alex! I would like to put a peel for Web 2.0 Unleashed with my affiliate link embedded in it on my blog!
    P.S. The price for “Peel Away Ads” has gone up to $37.00 (still a bargain) with an 8 week guarantee.
    Feel F.R.E.E. to call me with any questions.
    I look forward to working with you.
    To Our Success!
    Stephen Scott
    Toll F.R.E.E. 1-866-817-8148
    My full contact Information:

    Stephen Scott
    432 SW 143 Street
    Newberry, Fl. 32669-3105
    United States of America

    My E-mail:
    My Web Site:
    My Blog:

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  2. Mike says:

    I have a question about Google Adsense. I have herd people talking about Adsense smart pricing. I was wondering if you have herd of this and if you know if is still something that is going on with Google.

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  3. Very interesting post I thought it was the norm to put adsense ads on your blog and everyone did it.

    But now I’m begining to wonder about the traffic that I could be sending away for the amount of money its bringing in.

    • TheSpot-er says:


      It has to evaluated by each of us – individually. Only your personal performance stats can tell the true story. I’m not advocating against the AdSense, in fact I encourage you to use it if the results prove it needs to be there. Just look at alternatives and additional options. AdSesne does allow you to have other type of ads on your blog 🙂

  4. Hello facebook friend: My 2 cents on ad sense. I have about 200 hundred pages indexed and 1 ad sense block or search box per page. After about 15 months these ads are starting to make more money. went from about .75 to 10 bucks a day over this time period. Google may be rewarding my patience and my content? I will let it ride and see what happens.


    Mark from car questions’s last blog post..Mar 20, Engine Stalling Solutions

    • TheSpot-er says:


      I see you are on SBI system – I’m quite surprised you are not pulling in more. I consider Ken to be one of the best when it comes to providing tools to simplify the web publishing 🙂

  5. Hi Alex,
    Is there such a thing as Adsense Videos that can be placed on Our blog?
    If so, have You already covered it and where?
    Stephen Scott

    • TheSpot-er says:


      I’m not sure i understood you correctly but I think you are asking about Video ads format of AdSense. I don’t use AdSense to provide answer on this one but am pretty sure it is provided through same account you already have with them once you place code on your blog. I recommend going to the source and looking for the info AdSense provides for publishers.


  6. well google is still the biggest player in advertising industry, and all other alternatives always has mixed responses. On thing for sure google accept anyone, anywhere. I guess thats why Adsense is always the beginners choice

    tonyrans last blog post..You can have two Publisher IDs on One Page

  7. Tony Lee says:

    Adsense can be used to monetize your site, but it takes more than just launching their ads.

    Ad placement, size and color blending are just some of the things one should study before using adsense.

    It’s always a good idea to study other sites to get an idea of how it’s used.

    Tony Lees last blog post..Ben Hogan Headcovers

  8. agent says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that.

  9. tenya says:

    Any better CPC option than adsense for blogs. I have found out that adsense performs poorly in case of blogs. Wjat would you say about yahoo or msn ads? any idea about them?

    tenyas last blog post..Want a kiss from Kate moss? Get it only for £5000!!!

  10. dennisb says:

    Adsense is now paying my hosting and I haven’t noticed any loss in sales.
    .-= dennisb´s last blog ..Rusted Bleeder Screws – Bleeding Brakes =-.

  11. Ramer says:

    i have already google adsense account but my account was already disable. how to enable my google adsense account

    • TheSpotter says:

      You can’t. Once you lost your account, usually due to breaking TOS intentionally or not – you will not get your account re-activated. Look for different source of monetization.

    • Tioman says:

      It’s sad to hear that, you just lost a great chance of making money with Google, but don’t worry, there is a lot more out there for you.

  12. Tioman says:

    To be a successful publisher in AdSense, all you need is a solid strategy, whether you want to target on high CPC with low sites or many websites with low CPC. If you choose the first one, traffic is completely a determining factor. Without traffic, AdSense is nothing and you’ll not generate a penny.