wpadm1.PngStephen from php.aspcode.net just released his [tag-tec]wpAdMentor[/tag-tec] plugin. While I’m only getting ready to implement this plugin on my blog it shows some great promise. Stephen managed to combine all the options I was looking for in non-commercial plugin with ease of usage that accompanies all great [tag-tec]WordPress plugins[/tag-tec].

Some of the features I was looking for and provided by this plugin:

  • Ease of use and integration. Plugin provides you with options to either insert banner code per-post or integrate it into your template, which makes serving your banners a hands-off task.
  • Multiple Banner Type Support. You can use image ads or text ads, choice is yours.
  • Banner targeting. This one is present in all great banner management scripts and now seamlessly integrated with WordPress. You can place a very specific banner within a post, target all posts within a category or have site-wide banner. Can you see the possibilities for selling banner space?
  • Stats tracking. One option that is very important to your banner clients and was missing in other free plugins I have looked at. You can view some fairly detailed information on number of times banner shown and clicks information.

All in all this is a plugin I’ll putting to good use on my blog and if you are interested, visit Stephen’s blog to download the plugin and read additional documentation.

UPDATE:  Original plugin has an issue with WordPress 2.3 and I was just notified by Richard from QualityNonsense that he developed a fixed version of the plugin to make it compatible with latest WordPress version. Get Your Fix for wpAdMentor here