Youtube is popular and fun and if you vlog – can be a great source of traffic assuming you are creating your own videos. But using it exclusively you are actually doing yourself a great disservice!

Ditch that dump and use something better on your vlog! And no, I don’t mean not to use it at all but simply using it in combination with a more superior service, which creates a lot higher quality videos and Pays You!

I don’t do too many videos and most of what I present of instructional quality which is obviously not the most popular thing on social sites like youtube that is overrun by teenagers and where some stupid kid imitating Star Wars becomes the main attraction …

For me quality of video is just as important as quality of presentation and so far [tag-tec]Youtube[/tag-tec] and [tag-tec]Google video[/tag-tec] failed to deliver it. What is even worth sometimes placing a video from youtube before “more” tag drags my page load into “dial up era”. But thanks to David Ledoux post, whose blog I read on regular bases I joined a new service [tag-tec]Revver[/tag-tec].

Producing a far superior quality of videos and human controlled approval process ensures that only original works makes it there and by adding a simple small ad at the end of your video – they provide me with profit sharing.

I was quite surprised that when I published my first video “Free Link Building Video Tutorial” and checked stats couple days later – I had a $1.12 coming my way … rather nice way to get paid for providing something I would anyway.

So if you vlog and create original videos – it is time you start earning from your work. Join the Revver and get paid for the views of unobtrusive ads tacked to your video. Continue to add your videos to other services like youtube and Google but use the Revver videos on your vlog. Show people that you respect your own work by providing higher quality.