automated blog profitsWhile Automated Blog Profits is not one of my favorite topics I get so many questions on it, I decided to answer it once and for all and do it based on my personal experience. But before I will even proceed I need to make a disclaimer:

What you will create as result of following ALL or SOME recommendations in this guide WILL NOT make you an authority blogger. It will earn you income (I have tested each part of the strategy) but how much will depend on your efforts as with any internet venture.

Allow me to explain the Main Idea first:

Create a WordPress blog that will have a Content optimized for Search Engines, posted automatically at some interval and promote itself without getting you banned from social networks. Have that content monetized. Rinse and Repeat the process.

Sounds simple enough? It almost is and while I haven’t seen a single product that accomplishes that task I have found an effective combination of the few that will get VERY CLOSE! And while almost each product makes their own recommendations on blog installation and plugins, I want to share what worked for me:

Build A Lean WordPress Blog Ready For Monetization and SEO’d

1. Install WordPress blog using whatever your favorite method is. It doesn’t really matter how you do it for the sake of this guide.

2. If you are planning to use AdSense or any other Text Ads networks (otherwise why would you build it?) locate and install one of the AdSense ready themes. You can find a link to a few of them in my WordPress Web 2.0 guide.

3. Install and activate a small set of plugins with one Single Purpose – maximum functionality with minimum load on server:

  • Akismet – this one is a MUST to prevent SPAM, although you might want to disable commenting all together since your blog will generate no real comments anyway, just be a SPAM bot attraction. I’ll get to it later.
  • All In One SEO Pack – I recommend you install this plugin to simplify SEO of Content generated on your blog. Pretty much default settings will work just make sure to set the options for home page and description.
  • FeedBurner FeedSmith – trust me, install this one. You can use PingShot service provided by FeedBurner to notify RSS directories about new “quality” content on your blog, offloading that function off your blog! They give you an option for standard set plus 6 more of your choice and will ping them for you – make it count, pick the big one’s.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – take full advantage of this plugin! Make sure to get Yahoo API and register your blog Sitemap in both Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to make sure big 2 know about new content as it is published on your blog.
  • Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger – use the ping list recommended by author in addition to the ALL notifications you send through PingShot (FeedBurner). Get those RSS directories filled with your Content.

4. Setup your blog with Amazon Context Ads. Use the power and brand name recognition of Amazon to turn your content into automated bulletin board, after all – you worked so hard to create content 😆 You can read detailed guide here.

5. Some Tweaks. These few tweaks are designed to help you rank better for long tale keywords and not something I would use on a regular blog:

  • Permalinks. Use: /%postname%/
  • Disable Comments: Settings->General Settings. Under Membership put a checkmark for Users must be registered and logged in to comment and uncheck Anyone can register
  • Widgets. Make sure to use widgets NOT only for AdSense but also to display RSS Content from Related New Site or Information site and perhaps additional affiliate products. Amazon Widgets come to the rescue here – check your options.

Choose Your Automation and Monetization Model

While I have found that this method works best if ALL 3 products used at same time as they seem to compliment each other and address shortcomings – I realize that it might be just a bit too much to swing when you just getting started. But once you start generating the income I recommend you come back to this post and get what you missed…

1. Get WordPress Traffic. This product is a MUST if you are planning to create Automated Blog. It is a set of 3 plugins providing some very unique and tightly integrated services:

  1. Poster Pro. This plugin allows you to grab all PLR articles and set it to be published on your blog at predetermined intervals. Mass import feature allows you to import HUGE number of articles and schedule it years ahead (if you have that many). You can also manually publish and edit articles.
  2. Socialize-It Pro. This one is my favorite! Any content published on your blog will be Auto Submitted to multiple Social Networks, that includes all automated content. Plugin has a Randomness function built into it to prevent been banned for spamming. I still would be very careful with networks like Stumble Upon and Technorati. Not a ban you want to get.
  3. RSS Agregator – Allows you to import RSS feeds and posted as content on your blog. Has quite a few control functions but I personally don’t use it. Be careful when you pick RSS feed to import to avoid loosing your AdSense and YPN for copyright infringement. And if you decide to use it – look for article directories or new sites that allows you to export their feed.

I recommend using the first 2 plugins from this product to publish that PLR content you might have (or easily find on Internet) and to promote it via social networks. Socalize-It Pro will also integrate itself into blog and all other content published will also get to benefit from it, which is exactly WHY we need it.

wordpress traffic

Which brings us to product…

2. 10 Days Cash Secret by Nail Snearing. Great product that provides you with a plugin and, set of training videos and affiliate feed formating tool that allows you to create a Niche Blogs filled with content generated from Affiliate Product Feed!

This one is a holy grail of Automated Blog Content. Several thousands of posts, ALL consist of products directly related to your blog niche and with integrated affiliate links. You are provided with a plugin that imports formatted Affiliate Product Feed and then publishes it via cron at regular intervals.

Power of this product is creation of blog posts optimized for a VERY long tail keywords but since each of them is actual product name – you get high click though and as result very nice affiliate commissions. Although the product says “10 days” – in my experience it took me more then two weeks to get a first sale and a few cents in affiliate commissions.  Nothing to be excited about but since then it has been steadily producing as traffic to the blog continues to grow and as I write this article I get 1-2 sales a week from a fully automated blog. Commissions range from few cents to a few dollars but that depends on what Affiliate Product feed you get.

CAUTION: I have seen that if you pick a feed with too many products – cron job tend to create a very high load on your host server and CAN lead to your account been disabled on shared hosting. 3500 or less products seem to perform quite nicely on hostgator shared hosting.

10 days cash

3. Get Easy Blog Pro. While this product can stand quite nicely on its own and turns your blog into an Article Directory either very broad or highly targeted (it is your choice to make) I found it to work BEST when combined with 2 products above.

It permitted me to specify automated publishing of VERY targeted articles (based on categories I chose) to my niche blog that is already filled with PLR content and Affiliate Products and provide continues flow of fresh content.

TIP: Using a script to pull articles from Article Marketer gives you a lot more targeted content since they provide you with more categories to choose from but also due to that – produces less articles. It also gives you more control over how Content is published.

We all know that your blog slowly dies as content flow stops! Unless you have a very large number of PLR content – it will run out soon and your blog filled with affiliate products will loose its effectiveness. This product will make sure it WILL NEVER happen.

You get high quality content published to your blog that sends Search Engines into feeding frenzy and push traffic to your affiliate products.

easy blogs pro

Idea is Simple. And So is its implementation.

Automated Blog Profits are possible but will require some work on your part to set it up initially and expect to install a few blogs in order to see returns enough to talk about. As I have mentioned in beginning – you will not become Authority Blogger using this method and will have to create a whole Blog Empire in order to benefit from Automated Blog Profits.

Whats Next? Rinse and Repeat process with enough blogs to generate the income level you need and then enjoy the fruits of your labor!

enjoy automated profits