sandy assistant Sandy is a groovy chick. In fact she is so groovy that she can help you remember important events in your life. Instead of having to spin your own mind about upcoming appointments and things to do, your assistant Sandy can do all the hard work for you.

Best of all, it doesn’t even cost a dime. So, who can benefit from Sandy’s help? If you are a busy professional, or even a parent who always seems to forget things, then Sandy might be the right assistant for you.

It costs nothing to check her out anyway. While the service does look great, I wanted to find out whether it is helpful to use Sandy because after all, you do have to tell Sandy first what you want to be reminded off.

This has one potential problem.

You could end up spending excessive time trying to organize your virtual assistant instead of simply writing things down on pen and paper. personally, I have always been a pen and paper person. I am much more familiar with a Moleskine than I will ever be with a Blackberry. Believe me, I did try the digital road years ago but soon gave up when it took me hours to insert data.

Plus, the feeling of pen and paper has something tangible anyway, don’t you think? Are you a digital or a paper person?

Sandy can do the following for you:

  • To do lists
  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Reminders
  • Book arks
  • Lists
  • Notes

Upon closer inspection I learned that working with Sandy is as easy as sending emails. You need to be reminded, send Sandy an email and she will send you one back at the right time. Of course, you will have to remember to check your email too.

There are no downloads or installs and you could be up and running with Sandy after you create a free account.

Sandy also works closely with the productivity tools you already use, like calendar, to-dos and contacts. Pretty nifty since this will save you the addition of having to insert extra data.

My verdict is simple. Sandy could be a great little helper if utilized correctly. Like with every tool, we need to use them to make the most of it. personally I won’t, since I am happy with my Moleskine setup. But for those of you who need gentle reminders to get things done and remembered, Sandy looks promising.