Content is an absolute must element when you consider integrating email marketing and blogging and luck you – you already have ALL you need to deliver the content people are expecting from you!

Your Blog Content Should Be The Core Of Autoresponder Sequence

Since integrating of the opt-in process with your blog, you subscribers list should be growing quite nicely. And you absolutely must continue delivering people content they expect from you. It is NOT about you making money by blasting your subscribers with never ending flow of promotions – it is about you SERVING your Niche, your small corner of the market.

And yes, money will come as result but first you have to deliver the goods. As my friend David Preston teaches in his Cash Cow Workshop – people have to KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, TRUST YOU. Only after that chain of events takes place – they will buy from you or based on your recommendation!

Lets Build That Chain Of Trust!

People have chosen to subscribe to your newsletter based on content they have already seen on your blog so it only makes sense to continue providing more of the same! Blogs are great in many things but they are horrible in organizing content and allowing you give easy access to that content.

Problem of having your older but still valid information presented to new visitors is a huge one and been tackled by many pro bloggers. My goal here is not to teach you how to guide people to your older blog posts but how to RECYCLE those posts and give people what they need.

You Know Your Blog Better then Anyone Else!

And you know exactly what content is “evergreen” and should be interesting to new visitors. There are couple ways I like to do it…

1. Individual Blog Posts As Email Content

This method is one of the simplest and consists of simply taking about half of the post you already have on your blog and making it it an aweber email sequence. Just add it to your autoresponder sequence and at the end provide a link so people can go and read full post on your blog.

Not only do you provide valuable information this way but also send some traffic back to your blog and give some exposure to your older content! Just be sure it is relevant and still accurate info. I’m guilty of having some old emails in autoresponder that really should be gone due to being no longer accurate.

2. On Topic Posts Collection

I personally like to call these “Special Edition eZine” and idea behind them extremely simple and goes back to you knowing your content better then anyone else.

Create a special edition eZine that provides a list of your older posts on same topic. Better yet provide them in sequential order if possible at all!

These Special Editions set to go out every 30 days in my autoresponder sequence and have absolutely highest Open and Click Through rate. See example of one of my Special Edition eZines below (click to see full image in new window):


As you can see in image above this is HTML formatted email and still has HUGE open rate and people love it. It is designed to be a Resource for the specific topic and delivers Content to Subscribers and Traffic To My blog.

I also made sure to remind that people can share it with friend (some viral traffic) and always request for feedback! These special eZines are also great place to put On Subject product advertising, as long as it is of great quality and you actually KNOW it will not tarnish your reputation as these eZines designed to deliver content – first and foremost!

And if you wonder about HTML – I simply used one of the templates provided by aweber. They work quite nicely!

3. Blog Broadcast

This one is my favorite but it is designed to provide more of the current content, not so much going back to old posts. I personally think that Blog Broadcast is one of the best options you have as blogger to get and retain regular readers and failure to use it – killing your chances for success!

Small investment you have to make into purchasing aweber will pay for itself! Don’t skip this one. I’m not going to go into too much details on how to get your Blog Broadcast properly setup as I have already covered it quite nicely (I think) in my previous post:

Want To Make More Money Blogging? Broadcast Your Blog!

3 strategies I have listed above are some of the simplest ways you can RECYCLE your existing and future blog content to provide quality information to people who chose to read it! It works beautifully through

  • Giving quality content to your subscribers
  • Getting traffic back to your blog and extending life of your blog content

Your blog should be the Core Content in your email marketing compaign in order for your subscribers, KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, TRUST YOU!

Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I never recommend something I didn’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.