[tag-tec]Video[/tag-tec] is one of the hottest trends in social networking. People create videos, freely share them, proudly display them on their website …. and some Making a Killing Income Using Videos! How would you like to join that crowd? How would you like to be able to use Web 2.0 Video trend as an [tag-tec]Affiliate Marketing[/tag-tec] tool?

What? You say that you have no clue how to create them? Are you feeling left out … behind the curve … oh-oh-oh … poor you … Well fear not my friend! How-To Spot-er comes to your rescue and will show you how easy it is to become Video Marketer and rake some well deserved [tag-tec]affiliate income[/tag-tec]! Just dig into details …

Videos are great and create a level of interaction that adds incredible value to your niche blog. Since most of the videos distributed via metacafe or youtube don’t come with any restrictions and options to easily integrate them onto your site – why not make an honest buck or two while doing it? Right?

In my wondering about the internet I have run into a service I have not seen offered by anyone and it hit me like a rock! This is a great opportunity to monetize your blog while providing same value your visitors already expect from you! I’m talking about BubblePly!

BubblePly.com provides you with an awesome opportunity to take any video and add to it your own comments, sub-titles, call outs and lay them right over existing video and when you are done – you get the code similar to youtube to integrate it into site. Please be aware that if you will be doing it in WordPress – you will need to use instructions I have outlined in “2 Steps To Add Youtube Video To WordPress”. Best part is – these comments you add – CAN BE HYPERLINKED!

Do you see the possibilities? Well I certainly did. The only thing you are left with is finding great videos that are relevant to your niche blog and product that target the issue discussed in video or related to the information shared in video. See an example below I have created for one of my all time favorite videos/product.