To get the best results from your digital marketing efforts, you need to apply the rules that business leaders apply to get tremendous results. Here are tips used by marketing specialists and top app development companies.

Leverage on your mobile app

Top app development companies have created a lot of tools in mobile apps that promote digital marketing. So, you need to make use of the tools to carry out your digital marketing. Push notification is a good tool that top app development companies usually put in apps for marketing. And in reality, push notification has the ability to boost your sales. More than 50 percent of the users of your app will respond to the message of one push notification or the other.

However, you need to make the message as compelling as possible to get maximum result. Another function that aids digital marketing that top app development companies usually include in mobile apps is social media integration.

Top app development companies usually integrate social media into all their mobile apps for two reasons. The first reason is for ease of signing in. With social media integration, users do not need to enter any username or password to gain access into the app. They only need to login with their social media account. Of course, this is more convenient than having to memorize a particular password.

The second and more important reason top app development companies do not joke with social media integration is ease of sharing. When you send a post to the users of your app, with social media integration, they can share it by just pressing one button. Remember, the easier it is to share your post, the more your customers are likely to share it.

This is why you should send more of video clips. This is why videos go viral more than ordinary text or images. You should also learn to include some humor in your posts so that recipients can laugh and share it. The more they share your posts, the more your popularity will begin to soar. More popularity brings more credibility and more sales.

Optimize your website and app for search engines

You need to boost the search engine ranking of your app to attract more visitors/leads and to boost your sales. The easiest way is to follow the ranking rules of Google, Yahoo, and Bing and follow the rules religiously. If cost is not a constraint, you can even hire an SEO specialist. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for SEO reseller services. It is usually cheaper and you will see results earlier.

Spend some time on relevant keywords

One big problem with SEO is that people dissipate resources on the wrong keywords. So, you should first make sure you get the most searched keywords for your niche. It will help you raise your ranking easily.

The best way to remain competitive is to continuously gather tangible information from the sites of your competitors. For instance, you could scrape their pricing information to be able to set competitive prices for your products. The tool for doing this is known as a site scraper. Below are the details of site scraping tools.

All you need to know about site scrapers

To put it in the simplest term, a site scraper is a program, application, or software used to copy content from a website, transform the scraped content into the stipulated format and also save it in a specified location.

Just like how web crawlers perform indexing functions on websites, site scrapers function in a similar way. The only difference is that web crawlers crawl all the websites on the web while site scrapers only scrape data from certain websites specified by the user.

A typical scraper can download any data from a specified website or download the whole website. It can also follow links to other content for further downloads. Depending on the purpose of the extraction, data scraped can be saved as XML, HTML, or CSV files. In addition, some data extraction tools can also export obtained data to other kinds of database.

While data extraction has a lot of legitimate uses, it is sometimes used for plagiarism and content theft. This should not come as a surprise since every tool has both positive and negative applications.

Websites that display data extracted from other websites are known as scraper sites. Some of the examples of data scraping tools are Chrome Extension, ScrapeGoat and Scraper, and Web Content Extractor, just to mention a few. Although there infinite reasons for data scraping, the technique can be grouped into only four major categories. These four categories have been discussed below.

The four categories of data scraping

  1. The first category is the gathering of data from a single webpage. This is about the easiest form of data scraping and virtually all data extraction tools can handle it.
  2. The second category is more tedious and cumbersome. It is harvesting data from all the pages of a website.
  3. The third category of data scraping is filling a set of forms that will unlock the access to a certain web service.
  4. The fourth and the most difficult category of data scraping is carrying out any of the three categories of data extraction above periodically. A simple data extraction tool may not be able to handle this because it will require another configuration when any of the target site changes its layout. In fact, it is often advisable to outsource the task to a third party data scraping service provider.

Having known all the four major categories of scraping, it is also important to state that you have only three data scraping options. These options are:

  • You can develop your own program or have it developed for you
  • You can use any of the available data scraping tools
  • You can hire the services of an experienced data extraction company

Of all the three options, the third seems to be the best because of the reasons given below.

The first advantage of hiring a third party company is that it will fetch larger amount of data than the other two options. The cost of developing your own software depends on the project at hand and if you purchase a data scraping tool, the cost will be on the tool. But for the cost of data extraction service will be based on the usage of the service.

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