Writing engaging content, practicing proper SEO and posting frequently are cornerstones to any WordPress blogging effort. However, these tactics will only get you so far. The real key to quickly increasing page views and building traffic is in-depth post and blog promotion.

While it might take a little additional time and effort, the results are undeniable. These four methods of blog promotion will help to drive traffic to any WordPress blog.

Article Directories

While the value of backlinks for page ranking and SEO have been questioned with recent Panda and Penguin updates, the networking and promotion aspect of generating backlinks is alive and well. When posting to article directories, such as Ezine Articles, always try to use unique content. This reduces the chances of article rejection.

Articles should be helpful and concise but leave the reader wanting more information. This means that when they get to the anchor links at the bottom of your article, they are more likely to click through to your site. Best of all, many article directories support post syndication. This allows you to let others help in your promotion efforts.

Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus, are an ideal place to promote your blog or individual posts. Much like RSS feeds, these platforms allow users to browse information in mass quantities very quickly. Posting on many of these platforms can be automated easily using popular WordPress plugins.

When posting to social media sites, always include links to the blog article and a simple request to share. Case studies have shown that a quick request at the end of a post can increase sharing and interaction substantially. This helps spread the word and increase exposure.

Guest Blogging

While it requires a bit more effort than many of the other methods presented, guest blogging is currently one of the most powerful ways to promote a blog. Simply find a blog related to your niche and check with the owner. Many blogs now include pages dedicated to finding guest writers.

When guest blogging, always take the time to look over the existing content and adjust your style accordingly. Write concise, engaging content that is relevant to the blog on which you intend to post. Once the article is posted, be sure to check in periodically and respond to comments and questions.

Doing this not only exposes your brand or blog to a larger audience but can build valuable relationships with experts in your niche as well. Guest posting on an established, popular blog can also help to increase or establish authority for your blog.

Commenting on Forums and Blogs

The last method for blog promotion is commenting on blogs and forums. These things help to establish authority while also building backlinks to your blog. When choosing forums, finding sites that allow links to be included in signatures is ideal. When choosing blogs, sites that allow links in author information or use plugins such as
CommentLuv are great candidates.

Always strive create useful comments that contribute to the conversation. Addressing the post author in the comment will encourage interaction and provide further commenting opportunities.

One final note: don’t forget to promote in meat-space too! Put your blog’s address on your business card and flyers, and let people you meet know that you have a must-read blog.

About the author: When Pat Walton isn’t covering all things tech related, he’s usually busy reviewing internet video production companies, including Actin. He also spends his time caring for his two young sons and coaching their youth football games.