Although it’s just a simple piece of art, behind every successful business is a successful logo design. The most famous companies throughout history have iconic logos that are recognizable worldwide. A clear, concise logo that sums up the nature of the brand and product is typically very simple in structure, but the work and thought that goes into creating a successful logo for business marketing is quite complex.

Positive association

The logo must create positive feelings in the consumer that makes him or her wish to do business with your company. The logo must make a strong marketing statement that is both meaningful and professional in concept and style. A logo that is distracting, confusing or too similar to other company logos won’t create relatable branding for your business.

Memorable design

Simple, eye-catching colors and clean lines are quickly and easily recognizable as the logo that represents your business. A professional will have the marketing experience and know-how to utilize the best tools and concepts for your business branding and graphic design. Choosing a marketing professional who understands how to design a logo for your business will streamline the process and help to more quickly identify the ideal logo design.


Your logo will be used to brand marketing materials in both concrete and digital formats. Logos that can easily be resized to meet these needs without losing design details or quality have the advantage and should be given preference. Artwork that maintains its appeal in black and white is also desirable for a business logo design that can be flexible for your varied marketing needs.

Timeless appeal

Your logo should have a modern design even if the style evokes a vintage look. A design that looks fresh says that you care about your business and remain active in cultivating your marketing and business image. Design your logo for the future so it can grow with your company, and be prepared to make small changes to the logo to improve its ongoing appeal without altering your branding.

Relevant design

Your logo should be broad enough to represent your current product and to also encompass the possible future growth of your product line. It should clearly represent the focus of your line of work without being too detailed or fussy, and it should clearly convey the type of work that you do. A logo that focuses on one small aspect of your business will not grow with your marketing and your company’s future needs.


A logo that could be misinterpreted to represent another type of business can be confusing to consumers. Keep your branding clear and accurate to the work that your company does, and compare your design to other logos in your line of work to ensure that yours is easily distinguished and accurate as a representative symbol for your business marketing.

Clever creativity

A design that is clever without seeming gimmicky will appeal to consumers, and they will expect the same clever creativity from your business and products. Smart designs, innovative products and intelligent business practices combine to form the backbone of a company that is represented by a clever, creative logo for marketing materials and products.

Hire a professional

Marketing and graphic arts professionals will assist you in creating a logo that represents your company in a meaningful, marketable way. Because they know how to design a business logo, lean on their experience to avoid amateur mistakes and a logo that fails to enhance your business image.

Developing a successful business logo requires time, patience and careful choices for an enduring custom symbol of your business. These tips are just a starting point for successful logo design; researching more tips on how to create an effective business logo will help you to determine the best marketing strategies for your individual business needs.

Guest post by : Alicia Hill, a content marketer and writer, who works for Beyond the Hedge, a graphic design agency in Sydney.