To attain trust, authority, and a strong readership: These are the hallmarks of what a blogger hopes to achieve. Indeed, bloggers should be cognizant of how they are being perceived, who is following them, and how well the information in the blog is being disseminated.

Choices can be made by the bloggers who want to increase their chances of success:

Up Your Game: The blogoshere is filled with simplistic, obvious ideas. Your job is to be original and to get the reader to stop, think, and engage. The stronger blogger will elicit responses from the readers, and this feedback should reveal an engaged, thoughtful response.

By bringing in new perspectives, new ways of considering an issue, unique insights, and colorful commentary, a blogger can and will gain a stronger relationship with the reader. The blogger’s reputation will benefit, as well. Through internet reputation management, you can much more easily take a pulse on exactly how your blog is being perceived.

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Another goal! You want to achieve that sense of being welcomed and accepted.

Remember Sally Fields’ acceptance speech at the Oscars years ago? She bellowed, “You LIKE me; you really LIKE ME!!” Her pride was palpable, and she allowed herself to be a bit vulnerable. It was not at all vain or arrogant, and absolutely no one could fault her for just beaming. She deserved it!

Keep it Real: Your blog will be viewed as reputable if you reveal a bit about yourself, your perceptions, why you think the way you do, your background, and other facets of your writing that reveal that you are a real human being and not just an automaton who is pumping out stagnant ideas.

You want people to not only follow the ideas that you present in your blog — you want them to follow YOU. If they become at all personally invested in your success, the likelihood will increase that they will share your blog with others, and they will drive more readers to your site.

Perception IS Reality: By using a management system, a blogger can get direct feedback about how he or she is being perceived. This can bring truly shocking results!

You may, through comments and direct feedback on the blog, feel that the world is viewing your blog just fine, thankyouverymuch. But just one negative comment about your blog, outside the realm of your site, can be detrimental. Truly, it is important to gauge that facet of your blog.

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Valerie J. Wilson is a blogger, freelance writer, and professional writing instructor at Syracuse University.