marketingWhen it comes to marketing, there is no sure win. You can only try your best and expect that things will work out. However, the effort you put in and the strategies you apply will go a long way in determining the success and failure of your marketing plan. This applies to every aspect of marketing whether digital or traditional. For a WordPress web development company, the keys to email marketing success are consistency and persistence. While you need to be consistent in your efforts, you also need to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Being consistent in what isn’t fruitful is a waste of time and effort. You have to figure out what works for your brand and stick to it.

Your marketing efforts should directly influence your revenue. Don’t just measure your marketing success based on brand awareness or customer acquisition. Let your measurement be based on revenue generation. Find out how effective your marketing efforts are in generating revenue for your business. The more revenue you generate, the better. You WordPress web development company needs to focus on creative ways to drive engagement and get a measurable impact on the revenue of your organization.

Using Email Marketing To Drive Engagement For Your WordPress Web Development Company

With a strategic mix of technology and data, you can successfully drive the needed engagement to your project. This engagement can be quantified for the benefit of the business. Thanks to technological innovations, there are many tools available for sending emails frequently to specific clients and prospects depending on their needs. Sending emails isn’t the only thing involved. To drive relevant traffic, you need to send highly personalized emails to a segmented audience. The emails should not be too many or too few. When you make it a habit of sending many random emails to everyone on your contact list, you will end up driving them away. Also, when you don’t make the emails personalized, you’ll weaken the relationship you have with your prospects. They’ll stop reading your emails and eventually remove themselves from your list.

So, how can a WordPress web development company leverage the power of data and technology to drive conversions through email marketing?

1. Plan Your Email Frequency

When it comes to frequency, you need to be careful. There is no clear-cut rule regarding how frequent your emails should be. The best way to determine optimal frequency is to segment your data based on engagement. Find out those who are highly engaged, moderately engaged and not engaged at all and group them into segments. Run some tests and determine the frequency that is ideal for each segment. Use the data to set a threshold of your emails but make sure these emails drive engagement. After setting the threshold, study the engagement of each segment as you send them the predetermined number of emails. If they meet the threshold, maintain that number. However, if the engagement falls below or above the threshold, adjust the frequency accordingly. This should be done with each segment. No matter what you do, try not to blast your list of subscribers with emails. Your goal should be to maximize engagement by leveraging data in every message. When you maximize relevance and minimize email blasting, you’ll notice an improvement in your email-open rates.

2. Create High-Quality Content

Your concern shouldn’t just be about content frequency. You need to be concerned about the quality of the content as well. When you send personalized, high-quality content to your subscribers, you’ll get more engagement than when you send generic content with little or no value. Take out time and create high-quality content that will be personalized for each segment. If may seem like a difficult task but it’s worth the effort. When you send high-quality content that adds value to the readers, you’ll see a massive improvement in your email click-through rate as well as conversion rates.

3. Data Segmentation Should Be Standardized

Your data should not just be segmented randomly. Make sure you develop a good method of segmentation. Rather than using free form text fields to personalize content, invest in lookup tables or picklists to deliver personalized communication. The existing values should be mapped out to the new standardized fields. Populate all the non-standard values and start using them to capture data.

4. Communication Should Be Prioritized

When you’re sending out emails, make sure you send them in order of importance. The more important emails should be put ahead of the less important ones. You can determine this by analyzing the buying circle. Your WordPress web development company should focus on maintaining fluid communication between members of your marketing team. Everyone on board should be able to share information about the campaign with others effectively. Having accurate knowledge of the progress of the team as a whole will help make marketing efforts more effective.

5. Measure Your Results

The good thing about email marketing is that it allows you to quantify your results effectively. You can optimize your marketing tactics by measuring results and using the metrics to validate your results. You can combine this with lower-level tracking and monitor the effectiveness of engagement and campaigns. As you build your campaign, analyze lead scores based on specific segments to find out how effective your efforts are. When you notice that the engagement is low, change your strategy. If you notice that the engagement is high, improve your methods. Remember that the more engagement you get, the higher your chances of generating leads.

6. Make Sure You Collect Data

Without clean and accurate data, you’ll not be able to segment your subscribers or personalize the emails. Your segmentation can be based on job function or industry and should be used as a basis for communication. Refresh the fields from time to time to make sure they are not empty or full of outdated information. When you get accurate data, start segmentation and start your campaign.


Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Many modern-day marketers don’t think it is still relevant in today’s market. However, the truth remains that email marketing can be used to unlock the massive potential for your WordPress web development company. Remember that the goal is to increase revenue and reduce loose. Anything that can help your company move closer to that goal should be embraced.

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