marketingWe live in a time where we can use video content to make a brand stands out.

Video marketing has become a trendsetter and it is everywhere. It is an amazing method to develop your brand awareness among your visitors.

The more visitors watching your video, the more your brand will grow. The data shows that online videos account for 74% of all online traffic, as of 2017. That means, if you don’t implement video content in your brand marketing strategy, it will leave you far behind the race.

  • Now many of you must be wondering why videos win over traditional texts every time?
  • What are the benefits of implementing branded video content in your brand marketing strategy?

In this post, we will talk about all those points along with the benefits of using video content for your business.

So, let’s get started…

Why is Video Marketing Necessary to Your Business?

Video can do what text alone can’t. It is an immediate, authentic, and real way of connectivity and interaction with the audience. Videos are becoming the preferred choice for consuming content online, as 78% of the audience viewing videos online every week. Undoubtedly, video marketing has become an effective way to enhance customer engagement and can help you in boosting your brand’s ranking over search engines.

Videos bring brand conversions, here is the evidence:

Branded video content is the fastest-growing trend in the online marketing world. The stats available below are providing a backup to this statement.

Video marketing is not only limited to creating and uploading on the sites and social media channels, but it is much more than this. Video works as a digestible and accessible content form that is engaging, eye-catching, and shareable. That’s why you need to create videos carefully to engage more and more visitors and generate leads.

How to Use Branded Video Content for Marketing?

From your business website to email, to social media, you can use video content in almost all your online marketing channels. But that does not mean you need to go overboard and include video to every piece of client communication. You need to make a well-defined video marketing strategy to change your brand marketing campaign in a positive and revenue-driven way.

Wondering how videos can help you generate sales? Here, you will find effective tips to boost brand awareness and develop leads using video content.

1. Tell Your Backstory

If you want the audience to love your brand, you need to build an emotional connection with them. This connection helps you create strong loyalty among people that ultimately grows to brand sales. The best way to do so is by displaying your backstory. A backstory is more than content and a narrative. It encourages your visitors to relate themselves to your brand and gather more and more ideal customers.

To tell your brand story, firstly you need to understand your audience. The more details you collect, the more your business revenue would be. Come up with an engaging brand backstory that your consumers can relate to and help you empower your brand.

2. Use Teasers and Promos

The popularity of video content makes it an ideal piece to generate leads. Before posting the final video content, you should promote it first to attract potential leads. Display the teasers and promos of your video with an appealing title to grab people’s attention. Structure the teaser in a way so it can lead your visitors into your marketing and sales funnel. You can create engaging teaser and promo of your video easily by using an online video editing tool.

For example, mention the topic of your main video, show what you’re going to discuss, and how it can be helpful to the audience. You can mention something like ‘stay tuned with us to know our 5 secrets to success.’ It will definitely entice your visitors to stay tuned and keep watching your videos for improved sales.

3. Offer Promotions and Discounts

This is a no-brainer step to generate more sales. Both promotions and discounts are the most wanted things among the audience. Offering special discounts is the best way to reward your audience and motivate them to get engaged with your brand, for a good reason. There is no doubt that videos sell products better than any other text form. You can make your marketing videos even more effective by delivering promotions and discounts to your audience. Do not miss out this golden opportunity to generate qualified sale leads to your business.

4. Use Animated Explainer Video Marketing

The concept of animated video marketing is quite interesting that makes it a great approach to sell your products successfully. It offers your brand a great chance to stand out among the audience on different channels. Animated videos are not just attractive to look at but also the right approach to show off your complex brand concept in a simple way among your potential consumers.

Animated video marketing is an incredible way to share your products in a positive manner and entice viewers to make a purchase. You may use animated videos for your brand to:

  • Share your brand story
  • Describe the procedure of working with your brand
  • Explain how a service or product works
  • Address the features and benefits of a product
  • Share customer testimonials for coaching  brands

Simply, uploading an animated explainer video on your homepage can boost your sales by 80%.


It’s a clear fact; video is the future of marketing. Video marketing is the best way to present your brand information in a concise and compelling manner. Videos allow you to display your products and services with personality and pizazz, while building a strong connection with your audience.

No matter, what type of video you’re planning to insert in your brand marketing strategy, Renderforest has got you covered. You can create innovative and engaging videos for your brand in minutes with this tool. Use video marketing to engage with your potential audience and become stand out in this competitive and crowded marketplace.