If you’re a blogger, you know that a brand name is going to grow your business and draw you closer to your end-goals.

There are several aspects of striking a good brand name, but the most important aspect is what happens outside the business.

These days, it’s better for your prospects to spell your domain name correctly, than spelling your own personal name. I’m sure a lot of people don’t know how to spell “Mark Zuckerberg,” but even a toddler can spell “facebook.”

This is why a good domain name is a requirement for branding. You can’t afford to register uncommon words, or include hyphens as such. As much as possible, make it simple to memorize and spell.

But we’re not talking about domain name registration here; our focus is on striking a great brand name that stays alive in your prospects mind.

What Is A Brand Name?

The simple definition you need to attain success with brand building is this: a brand is an identity, which has a name attributed to it. How your prospects see you, what they see you with and how you remain fresh in their minds.
So, what is your brand?

Except your business blog is hosted on your name domain like (dankennedy.com), you should promote your domain instead of your personal name. But in the case of Dan, he’s definitely mindful of his unique name, and that’s an edge.
You need an edge in this competitive world of internet marketing before you can succeed. To climb the ladder of success; where few are leading in the market share, a powerful brand name can help you.

How To Build Your Brand

The most powerful way to build a unique identity and become popular, create an expert status and make some cool cash, is to “read prospect’s mind.” What better way can you do this except by conducting an incisive keyword research. Every consumer or prospect out there has a unique way of looking for something. And much to my surprise, I discovered that one particular thing can be searched for using several channels and key terms.

For instance, people interested in asbestos compensation and other industrial law issues may search for lawyers. Others may use the word attorneys or legal consultants. It all boils down to their motive of searching with such keywords.

So, building your brand as a blogger becomes easier, simpler and rewarding when you wrap your name around the most cherished words used in searches.

How To Strengthen Your Brand

Building a brand name isn’t enough. You’ve got to make it strong by building strong structures that is focused on the people. The common structure that people rely on is “what’s in it for me!” It should solve a particular problem for them.

When trying to make your brand strong, find a particular problem and fix it. It’s about obeying the law of nature – “you receive when you give.” In the light of solving problems, ensure it has to do with your niche. You can only do well when you are passionate about a subject or topic.

As an avid shopper, I know the joy of saving money while I shop. On my blog that shares 6pm discount and sittercity coupon codes, I built a unique brand that concentrates on helping people and that has given me an edge.

No matter where you’re, or what you do, find a particular problem in your niche and fix it. Your brand name would grow faster.

Bring Your Brand Home

The sole objective of your brand is to reposition you in the marketplace, where you can speak your own words, have your own marketing style and win irrespective of the fierce competition around you.

There are other benefits of striking a good brand name, but the most obvious is that your credibility is enhanced, which leads to higher conversion rate and trust from your prospects. Make it worthwhile, build your brand today and I hope to see you ahead.


As a passionate blogger, Mike Chi enjoys writing on topics that include coupon deals and online discounts such as sittercity free trial and 6pm promotion. One of his current projects involves the development of a coupon blog that makes available all kinds of discounts coupons, from sittercity and 6pm codes to saving deals for Health and Wellness.