marketing solutionsWhen it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn is considered to be the most powerful social media platform. The reason is LinkedIn is a major platform for generating effective leads. Experts have their words and they say LinkedIn alone is responsible for 80% of a business’s leads while the other social media platforms account for generating only 19.67% leads. So, if you are into the B2B market and haven’t considered about marketing on LinkedIn then you are already missing out on this big opportunity.

LinkedIn was populated heavily since its inception; 50 million members within six years to be specific. It is speculated that a LinkedIn account is created every 2 seconds. With the availability of such a large audience, it is not difficult for B2B marketers to reach out for them. But what are the ways in which you can take advantage of this platform to boost your B2B marketing efforts? Let us understand it here:

1.     Target Specific Audience:

As compared to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows connecting with industry-specific professionals and colleagues. You get a chance to promote your business or content for a targeted group of the audience which is otherwise not possible through other platforms. Hence, this audience will engage more with your ideas of content and also they are likely to share them across the LinkedIn. You get higher opportunities without having to put large efforts.

2.     Increase Brand Value:

LinkedIn allows for creating a company-specific profile. With the help of this, a business can raise its online presence. Not only this, it allows for building relationships with the future clients and other niche businesses. Again, increasing brand value is easier when you have chances to promote your content in front of people who are interested in your business.

3.     Generate Leads:

LinkedIn is the best tool for generating leads. One can share the blog content from company website to this platform which in turn generates back-links organically. Reposting of trending articles from your industry, sharing videos and infographics with relevant content will work well for generating leads. By providing the relevant at the right time, a potential customer lead will follow you and engage with your brand in more meaningful ways. It is also necessary to create a LinkedIn profile matching with that of the company brand.

4.     Become a Thought Leader:

Businesses generally share their content on LinkedIn compared to other platforms. Thus, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your knowledge and expertise to other niche businesses. Thus, you can boost your website’s SEO tactics by sharing relevant content and you also get a chance to become a thought leader in your business field.

5.      Establish a Professional Presence:

More so often, when B2B companies link with one another, they take an insight into each other’s’ work, contacts and other information to be sure of the authenticity and brand value. Having a legitimate company profile proves that you are actively involved in the B2B space. It forms a strong professional presence.

6.     Gain Insight into The Market:

When your company is active on LinkedIn, it provides an insight into the business through customer reviews. Your company can engage with the loyal customers and have feedback into the services provided. By asking questions, listening to their problems and feedback; you can learn much about your market value. You get to know where your business stands in the industrial market.

7.     Joining groups:

LinkedIn has a feature of joining and starting groups which provides an opportunity to grow your business network. As you join more groups and interact with them, you gain an identity. When you create a group and have several members joining it, you gain leadership. This gives you the right opportunity to create recognition in the industry. As you interact and gather more information, more are the chances of your business growth. Also note that LinkedIn allows anyone to be a part of maximum 50 groups, so you need to be careful while selecting.


With more than 420 million active professional profiles on LinkedIn, it becomes an effective medium for B2B marketers to engage with the influencers. Through this medium, one can create and maintain professional relationships, generate leads, become thought leaders, and gain valuable insight into the market for gaining quality ROI. The potential of LinkedIn as a marketing tool will continue to grow in the near future.

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