One of the best ways new businesses these days can reach their audience is through a website’s domain name. Before potential clients communicate with your business, they already begin planning to purchase from your store. All because your website is the best form of advertising your business can have. Making a website part of your online marketing strategy can be a pretty straightforward process. With zero coding knowledge and at a little cost, you can get your website set up and ready to go.

Hosted Website Builder Services

Website builder services offer a hop, step, and jump way to create a website. But like with most things that seem too good to be true, they come with their unique disadvantages. Website builder services are truly brilliant and incredibly easy to use tools, but you become too shackled to one provided which over time can become less and less flexible. Some popular ones include GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, and so on.

If you plan on taking your new business online, hiring yourself a professional website development is probably your best option. However, if the DIY route appeals to you more, here’s how to get your website built in three easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Choosing a Domain Name

The domain name you choose will significantly impact your website in terms of brandability, offline advertising, click-through rate, referring links and search results. Your domain name will allow your visitors to easily access your site ( and allow you to receive email on your address like

It is difficult therefore to ignore that your domain name impacts your brand as a business. There are many companies available where you can register a domain. If you find that your domain name is available, you’re already halfway through this step. However, if your domain name is unavailable, as is the case more often than not, then you may need to acquire it from the current owner.

Acquiring a domain is usually more expensive than simply acquiring one that is available. The price is however worth it when you consider that it is critical to your brand or internet marketing strategy. Therefore, if your goal with your business website is to build a business out of your presence, it is highly recommended that you take steps to acquire your desired domain name from the current owner. Otherwise, just search for an available variation of the domain name. Freeparking Domain Name Search, GoDaddy and other domain name registrars have made it easy to find the domain you are looking for.

To get the desired domain name, locate and contact the present owner on, making use of the details provided there. Auction sites like provides the alternative of buying a domain, which is costlier than registering your own.

Step 2: Securing Hosting

The next step after you have acquired your domain, you need server space to host your website on; just as you save your information on your phone or computer. For your website to be available at any time to your potential customers, it will need to be hosted with a web host – i.e. a web hosting company leasing a web server to you.

Companies selling domain names also organise web hosting. Most hosting companies provide default all-inclusive packages which include a domain name, server for web hosting and several email addresses/mailboxes. Having your domain name and hosting done by the same company is an efficient combination, and while it is not compulsory, it can simplify your website setup process further.

Understanding your hosting needs can help you decide on an appropriate web hosting service. Make sure to find out about host reliability, upgrading options and all other hosting features. If you decide not to setup your domain with the same provider as your hosting, then you have to direct the domain to a separate nameserver. The hosting company can provide the nameserver’s address for you to point the domain to.

Step 3: Adding Information

If you have arranged hosting with your domain name provider, you will be able to access cPanel. Here an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account needs to be set up. Setting up this account is an essential key to enter your website through an FTP client. Several options are available with an FTP client, including an option which is likely to be available in the cPanel for your website.

Filezilla is an application that is different from a web browser, free and easy to use. When you download it and enter in your login details, you can go on to access your website’s folder structure. Usually, you will have to navigate to a certain folder before you begin to upload content.

For the simplest of options, open a text file in Notepad and type in ‘Happy Venture’ at the top. Save the file as index.html on your desktop, then drag and drop it into your file structure to watch the file upload. Next, go to your domain in your web browser – there should now be a white page that says ‘Happy Venture’ in the very top left hand corner of the window.

When you are ready to edit or make additions, use windows explorer to create an FTP connection to your site and download the page you want to edit. Type or add the information you want to include on the page then upload the file back to your server. This process can be used to add textual information, images and other data items within your webpage.

Certainly, there is a lot more to do in order to build a complete website having several pages and images. You can make folders in your root, which provide URLs their /structure/ and go ahead to place files within these folders. Knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language will also be useful at this stage to help you structure information better on the web, but that’s a post for another day.

Now that you have successfully created a functioning website for your business, a great next step would be to discover how to install WordPress, so that you can publish to the web with a content management system.

Author’s Bio: James is a business psychologist and serial entrepreneur, with over a decade working in finance, IT, marketing and recruitment sectors. He has authored numerous books in the management space and is digital marketing expert for Freeparking Domain Name Searc