As I was looking through the Survey Questions submitted by some of my readers I noticed one trend – several people asked, using different words, same basic question:

How Does A Blogger Get Started With Email Marketing?

Quick search on the web didn’t bring the results for what I was looking for:  step-by-step instructions to setting up the entire process and putting your autoresponder into action. In this post I assume following:

  1. You have something you willing to give away in exchange for subscription: an eBook, report, video, eCourse – something of Value
  2. You already have or willing to get aweber autoresponder. To my best knowledge it is the only one that will provide your with all the proper blog broadcast options and one I personally use.
  3. You have a WordPress self-hosted blog and know how to do some basic things.

And now lets look in details how you can get started with email marketing on your blog.

Autoresponder Setup

While I stated that this post will cover the basics – I still have no intentions to cover what is already quite nicely done by the aweber themselves. They provide you with wealth of the info on how to get started using their services but I recommend you have a look at their video guides – awesome resource for a quick learning of the entire process.

And if you need more detailed information their PDF guide will walk you through:


2 Videos You Should Pay Attention to to get Started:

  • How to get started
  • Add a Web Form Opt-in to Your Website

I highly recommend to integrate a pop-up, hover subscription form and based on my personal testing – set it to appear in about 15 seconds after visitor arrives to your site, much like you see on my blog. This way all accidental visitors already clicked away and form is presented ONLY to people interested in your information and you subscription rate will jump!

To integrate a pop-up form on your blog simply navigate to Appearance -> Editor and open footer.php file for editing.

Add javascript code provided by a right before the closing the body closing tag “</body>” as you see in picture below:


You can ignore the second javascript in the image, it is a peel ad script integration and specific to my blog.

Adding Subscribe Form To Your Sidebar

Simplest way to get it done is by using Text Widget.

It doesn’t matter how technologically challenged you might be – if you can copy and paste – you can add aweber subscription form to your sidebar using Text Widget.

Step 1: Get The Form Code

Simply navigate to Web Forms menu for the list you are working with and click the get code, as shown in image below:


Step 2: Add Text Widget To Sidebar With Subscription Form

Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets and place a new Text Widget into one of the areas on your sidebar.  I recommend placing it as high as possible so it is always visible on your blog.

Paste the aweber form code into new Text Widget and save changes. That is it!

Process is extremely simple but if you want to have it even simpler then that – here is a WordPress plugin that can make it even easier for you:

  • Faster IM Optin plugin for WordPress – you are required to subscribe in order to download the plugin and you also have a chance to upgrade to paid version. Quite frankly – free is all you really need but you might want to evaluate what they have to offer.

I don’t use plugin above because I don’t see the need in it but it can be a huge time saver for great many people as it will give you access to pop-up creation as well as sidebar subscription form. I’m not associated with the author in any way, shape or form and since I don’t use plugin – please don’t ask me how to use it – all I can say it is extremely simple based on one time I tested it.

Now that you have implemented a Lead Capture options onto your blog – I will discuss how to setup the entire process of moving your new lead from..

  • subscription to…
  • confirmation to…
  • delivery of promised content

Stay tuned for next part of this series to get the complete details.


Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I never recommend something I didn’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.