Do you blog and profit? And no … I don’t mean “blog for profit” as that category is clearly a part of [tag-tec]Internet Marketing[/tag-tec]. In this article I want to address bloggers that do it for fun AND generate income from it …

Bloggin is fun that can quickly become a very profitable undertaking once you hit the right niche and provide unique information that generates interest and following. When enough people begin to read your musings, opportunities to monetize them grow unproportionally to your efforts!

And once you begin earning from your bloggin efforts you become Internet Marketer, whether you like it or not! You are still a blogger but since you earn – you market something … your ideas … related informational products … whatever it might be you need to get serious about it!

Recognize the opportunity and make the best of it by implementing some very simple strategies that will only help you enjoy what you do more by freeing you from 9 to 5 grind. You are already doing Internet Marketing whether you like it or not and the sooner you accept it and most importantly …

Start Acting On It!

… the better returns will be. Subtle changes to your existing blog to monetize it better, offer a subscription to auto-responder (money is in the list) and you results will improve.

Here are some tips and related information from my previous posts:

  • Get yourself a professional auto-responder account. There are many arguments on this point but my personal preference is with Aweber. Considered to be one of the highest deliverability rates it has an ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing blog. While this article was written for Blogger it works very similar for WordPress.
  • Do you vlog? Then Ditch The YouTube! – Learn about great service you can use to monetize any videos you create for your blog and provide you visitors higher quality experience.
  • Monetize Your WordPress RSS Feed – for a longest time considered to be one of the hardest things to do this task becomes easy with plugin discussed in this post. So get started.