Video training platforms are generally turning out to become the most popular ways the organizations could use to educate their employees. And when it comes to video training platforms there are often preconceived notions of using business videos as a training platform that generally prevent the business organizations from using them. Given below are some of the five major misconceptions the organizations need to have in terms of video training platforms.

Videos are generally expensive: Though this is something that is true in the past, business videos in the recent years have turned to become much more affordable compared to what it was before. Viewers these days are opting for user generated content which comes at zero costs to the company.

YouTube is one of the best platform: The biggest yes but most certainly not the best when compared to the others. The main issue here is that the marketers see YouTube as the only video sharing option though there are other alternatives available like Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard etc. Unlike YouTube these are options that are better equipped for all the business purposes. Say for example you are here able to analyse at what point your audience have stopped watching your video again taking advantage of their detailed analytics tool.

Videos are only used to generate leads: This is one of the most popular applications of the videos platform, but could have a wide range of uses just than marketing and promotion. Videos could be used not just in training the employees but also to make your marketing audience aware of your brand. These videos are generally used by non-profit business organizations creating awareness of their mission promoting their business events.

If the video has not been broadcasted live then it’s not engaging: People often think that if the business video is not live then there is no different way for viewers to engage your business video content. Social media to this has made it possible through a pre-recorded business video. Apart from this we do have a few platforms available through which they could come forward and ask questions at any point of time creating an engaging dialogue.

Views is equal to success: Unfortunately viewers do not make you successful and the one thing that does not matter over here is that what your viewers do once they have watched your business video. The ultimate goal while using your business video here should be catching your viewer’s attention and then luring them towards your website. You need to create videos keeping your audience in mind so give them what they want to see explaining how they could benefit from your business video. Even if your business video does not grab much attention of your marketing audience then even 10 interested viewers are here valuable than the hundred random ones.

It’s a pre – funnel and brand awareness tool: Business videos could be much more than a branding tool. It could be used throughout the funnel from piquing a prospects interest, driving action with in video CTAs converting them into a deal through the email gates and contact forms teaching them about the product and services you have been offering.

People choose to watch business videos based on their titles and description: Though this is something that is not fully right majority of the individuals are compelled to play a specific video based on the splash screen or say the thumbnail image. Have your thumbnail image clickable by keeping it uncluttered, showcasing an emotion using high resolution image.

Content is irrelevant as long as the video looks great: Yes content matters and it really matters a lot. The number of videos available on the internet today continues to skyrocket and unlike the other forms of marketing the campaign would need to cut through the noise and grab people attention as quick as possible. Content is the most important thing in the video, as it helps in keeping your customers engaged. All you need to make it attractive to the marketing audience so that they buy the products and services from you.

So there you have it, and the most common misconceptions of marketing with video, clarified. So do you have any remaining other doubts about the power of business video? Then shoot them over.

Author Bio: Claudia Metura is an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. She has collaborated with various companies to work on Business Video Management