Pretty loud statement, huh? Obviously this is my personal opinion but I strongly believe I have a right to say that. As a member of [tag-tec]Internet Marketing[/tag-tec] community I’m subscribed to about 30 or more different mailing lists and on daily bases one of my email boxes looks like a parade of headlines. Almost each and every one of them promising me some new guide or tool that supposed to “propel me into riches” within the shortest possible time period.

Granted some of those info products do reveal new ideas or techniques, which will help you if properly implemented and used but is it really worth spending all the money people ask for it? I have purchased several and took action as advised – I made some money in a few case, I learned something in others but I have also discovered that more often then not these products pitch you very same ideas you can learn for free.

After all – what is revelation for one person is simply a daily business for another. While first will try to create a product and sell it to you, second will give it away to help you or to promote something different. And this is how we can take advantage of it.

Just because something is free – doesn’t mean it is not worth anything. As I have mentioned above sometimes it simply means that person sharing the knowledge accepts that information for granted and willing to share it. Well, I have found 4 reports that I think worth a lot more then most informational products I have managed to purchase and read this year. Here they are:

1. “The Rebirth Of Internet Marketing” by [tag-tec]John Reese[/tag-tec]. John is great at making predictions on development of internet marketing trend and many of his predictions came true. While this one begins with sharing his vision of many more people failing online in a future due to increased competition – he also provides a solution. Or what he sees as a solution that will be essential to your success.

Why Is It Influential? John outlines his belief in necessity to consolidate all your efforts and create Authority Site in order to succeed in the future. But this is only part of it. What I have found just as interesting were his thoughts on Sales Letter currently used by almost every Internet Marketer and how they can be greatly improved! Download your report and read detail here.

2. “Authority Blackbook” by [tag-tec]Jack Hamphrey[/tag-tec]. The most comprehensive guide on creating authority sites using power of social networks, which are better known as Web 2.0 and free tools namely WordPress. This eBook could be easily sold for $60-90 and be worth the money and yet, it is free.

Why Is It Influential? I have build my blog using ideas and information he shared within with some additions and used social network marketing technique to start instantly driving targeted traffic to my site. This guide can be used as an absolute blueprint to creating Authority Site, necessity of which John Reese outlined. Download you report here.

3. “How To Uncover Red-Hot Niches With A Simple, Step-by-Step Formula” by [tag-tec]Myleena Phan[/tag-tec]. This report is a MUST read if you are serious about making some money online. While report was created to promote the flagship product “Niche Inspector” you can get it for free by simply signing up for newsletter via optin form presented to you as soon as you arrive to the site.

Why Is It Influential? It is really The Most Comprehensive guide I have read to date on finding profitable niches. Myleena has done an outstanding job describing how to find markets of willing customers with money already being spend and virtually no competition. Don’t just create business – create business based on knowledge of what WILL make you profits. Get your copy here.

4. “Google Cash Strikes Back” by [tag-tec]Chris Carpenter[/tag-tec]. Relatively new report released by an author of a Google Cash system that generated some serious income to many Internet Marketers over last 2 years. A direct proof of a method that still works and still generates income to its creator. While being a promotional product for his main application (still to be announced) it contains some gems that are well worth reading.

Why Is It Influential? An alternative method for generating online income. With Google Adwords competition ever increasing and PPC prices going up – it is essential to know what you are doing. Chris is one of the best in this business and why not learn from someone who knows what he is talking about? Get your free report here.

So there you have it. 4 of my personal picks that will cost you nothing, except time to subscribe and yet have potential to make your online efforts a lot more profitable this year.