What do you accomplish with a good call to action? Firstly, you’ll be letting your visitor know what he or she will get when they click your link. Secondly, you are imparting a sense of immediacy and urgency to the visitor, which makes your visitor act quickly. Here are 15 steps to create a most effective CTA.

1. Begin With A Strong Commanding Verb

Use action-oriented verbs words such as Download, Click, Find Out and so on to impart a sense of urgency. For example, use “Download Our Free Tool Now!” as your CTA instead of “Do you want to experience the power of our new tool? Know more here”.

2. Focus On A Limited Number Of Actions

Don’t confuse your visitor with too many actions in your CTA. Too many options tend to confuse a potential prospect and you won’t get anything done. Reduce the number of actions so that your visitor can make his choice with less effort. Also, don’t confuse visitors with the contradictory nature of your actions.

3. Place A CTA On Each Page

Make sure that all your visitors notice your CTA by putting it up on every page on your site. You can use different calls to action on different pages, but be sure to include one. At the very least, display your signup links on the foot or top of every page.

4. Communicate The Benefits Of Responding

Clearly communicate what your visitor will benefit after completing your call to action. For example, if it’s an eBook, write a couple of lines below the CTA of how the eBook will change the visitor’s life.

5. Make Your Visitor Recognize Their Need

First, identify their problem and present a product or solution that satisfies their problem through your CTA. Use infomercials and well-written content to educate your visitor of a need they haven’t recognized.

6. Write In Active Voice To Impart Urgency

The active tone of voice imparts a sense of immediacy, which is what you should use in your CTA. For example, say “Download this tool and experience the power of visual imaging now!” is active and urgent. In contrast, “Experience the power of visual imaging by downloading this tool” sounds boring and not so urgent.

7. Place Your CTA In The Correct Position

Location is all important when it comes to your CTA. Place it in the position where the visitor is bound to see it. one ideal placement would be at the top of the page above the fold, or in the column at the center.

8. Don’t Overcrowd The Space Around The CTA

If you want your CTA to be visible, don’t crowd it with other text or Ads. Keep plenty of white space around it so that your visitor’s attention is automatically drawn to the CTA.

9. Highlight Your CTA In A Different Color

If the rest of your blog’s content is in black, use a bright green, orange or red for your CTA. The brighter the color and the greater the contrast, the higher the likelihood of your CTA being noticed.

10. Make Your CTA Appear Prominent

If you’re using a text link, double or treble the size of text. If you’re using buttons, let them be big, bright and noticeable. However, don’t make it so big that your page’s aesthetics are negatively impacted.

11. Think The Remaining Process Through

You may be able to get your visitor to click your CTA, but if the page they land on does not hold their attention, it’s no use. For example, if it’s a signup page, don’t ask for too much info and lose your visitor.

12. Measure Your Click-Through Rate

Be sure to measure your CTA’s click-through rate to know the effectiveness of your calls to action. Test and monitor the improvements you effect to your campaigns, and find out what works best with your target audience.

13. Use Varying Icons

Use varying icons such as shopping baskets, arrows, plus signs and so on to help differentiate your CTA buttons from the surrounding elements. However, don’t use images as your CTA buttons, as your subscriber’s email might have blocked images.

14. Ensure Your CTA Is Linked To The Right Pages

It’s very frustrating for a user to click a CTA link only to be taken to a site’s homepage. Link each CTA to a specific landing page that gives the user exactly what they want

15. Sweeten The Deal A Bit

Add a little something extra to encourage your visitors to complete your call to action. Your extra something can be a coupon, free entry to a contest, a discount, and so on. For example, “Download this tool and you’ll get a free t-shirt”, or something similar. Go the extra mile and put your business brand on the t-shirt. Your visitor becomes your advertising billboard!

Guest Post By: Dean writes for Invesp a website optimization company specializing in offering website testing and uability services to online businesses.You can also follow Invesp (@invesp) for effective conversion rate optimization tips for your website.