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How To Get More People to Share Your Epic Content Through Social Media Sites

There is one major concept that has started to have a huge impact on getting more traffic, attention and high rankings through social media marketing services. This means that if craft an awesome content and get it gets more than 100 tweets, 40+1 and 1000 likes, then you will be bound to get notice cross the web.

Let’s discuss how to get people to share your content across social media sites

Step 1: Connect with influencers in social sites

When a social media thought leader shares your content to their social profiles, your post will get a jolt of life and sometime your sever can even crash due to high traffic. If you want to get the authority figures to share your content on their social profiles, you will need to build a friendly relationship with them.

So, how do you gain the attention of theses influential figures?

  1. Get into the habit of linking to theses authority influential figures when posting your content from your blog. The more natural links in your every piece of content, the better.
  2. If you happen to get an interview with theses authority figures, your social presence will be noticed. Make sure to research a topic that has not been discussed in the previous interview.
  3. The third step, I would suggest that you craft an epic post guide that covers a specific topic, like I did with my How Social Media Marketing Services Can Generate 3000+ Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes on Autopilot. Make sure to name these authority figures in your guide post for better results.
  4. If you love writing as your passion, I would recommend that you create post round ups every month. The best way to do this is by gathering all the best content for the week and create an awesome content that will help you get noticed.

Step 2: Leverage your social numbers through Triberr

When you connect your epic post to triberr, you will get a lot of benefits that will help you leverage your social numbers by connecting you to like-minded bloggers within your niche. Some of the social benefits are as below:

  1. You will naturally experience more blog comments on your site, this is because Triberr will extend your reach by driving high-quality content to your site.
  2. Your like-minded bloggers will extend your content to their high quality visitors. As we all know each tribe is focused on specific topic.
  3. When you join Triberr, make sure to expand your network across different audiences.

Step 3: The power of sponsored tweets

If you have enough money to spend on social media, then I would suggest that you tap the power of sponsored tweets. A sponsored tweet is a platform where high value advertisers sell their tweets. On the platform you can chose maximum amount per tweet you are willing to pay and minimum number of followers the twitter users’ needs to have.

The best way to use the sponsored tweets is by paying an SEO EXPERT or whatever your niche is to your specific niche advertiser. For example pay an internet marketer to tweet about your blog traffic post.

Step 4: Install social sharing plug in your blog

Making social sharing buttons very visible in your site will help people to share your content. Never, Never, Never force people to share our content, but make them to come. For example, I have installed the social sharing plug in that allows my blog readers to share each and every post that I have. The best place to install the social button is on the sidebar and at the end of the article.

Step 5: Pay off your followers

If you want your content to be easily shared across the web you will need to bribe your followers without being broke. The best bribe that will increase your followers is to offer FREE White-Paper or podcast. Below are some ways I like to pay off my followers;

  1. You will need to run a contest between your followers as this will help you see how many people can share your content
  2. Select a few power house twitter users and ask them if they can share your content and in return you’ll write a killer content telling people who shared your post.


If you want to win in this game of numbers, you will need to write Ever-Green blog post that will the readers to read the entire post. Once you do this, your site will be bound to get more search traffic and social attention.

Do you have any strategy of increasing the number of shares of your content across the web?

About the Author: Bill Achola is a professional SEO Expert, he helps people to build traffic. If you want to get results from writing online, and SEO Services, make sure you check his blog site at SEOArticleWriteService


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9 Responses to “How To Get More People to Share Your Epic Content Through Social Media Sites”

  1. Mr.Ven says:

    Hi Alex,

    Having more “related” people around your social account brings in more content share. It also depends on, what we are sharing like: how valuable the information and how interesting it is, to share with others. When that interest is created, definitely your content gets shared. Running contest is a nice idea to try out.


  2. Laura says:

    Everything you wrote here sounds inviting and, most important, achievable. I particularly enjoyed that you pointed out about leveraging the power users out there and the opinion makers. Of course, a great deal of planning is necessary. If one just goes out there blindly buying a sponsored set of tweets which will bear the #ad hashtag,surely he won’t get any retweets. This hash is a killer.

  3. Leo says:

    It is also generally a good strategy to target and/or partner with people in and outside you circles, who have a good social networking potential (SNP). I recently did a post on SNP as well. Content that is shared by these individuals has the tendency to be seen/heard/read/viewed by a large group of people, and also rehsared/retweeted by others. Giving your content much more chance of going viral!

  4. Becca says:

    I’m glad this post could help us define where do we need to focus on. But it’s what we think helps us the most. We all act differently and either way could help someone become better and achieve their goals.

  5. Sara says:

    Very interesting info.These days I am creating my Pinterest account since I have many good results as a reference on traffic from facebook. That thing about sponsored tweets is really new for me and I think I would like to explore it more.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice article Alex 🙂

  7. Les Line says:

    Hi Alex,
    As always, a very useful article. You don’t specifically mention “Guest Posts”. What recommendations can you make to help me get this going. I have tried interesting a number of blog owners in taking a guest post, but without any luck. I know I’m not famous, but I do know how to write useful relevant articles on my main subject.

  8. Harvey Baker says:

    I think the best tip is to connect with people of influence on social media. That way you can leverage their connections with your posts.

  9. Samuel says:

    Connections is key. Get some good connections and they should help get your content out there.

    Thanks for the awesomeness article. 🙂