What messages does your brand communicate to customers?  Do they relate to products, services, and company commitment to customer service?  Those sentiments planned as well as others, but how are you going to present them to your targeted market?

Consider two, competing newspapers, covering the same story.  How can one attract more attention and readers?  Presentation is extremely important.   Bloggers understand the similarities and the need for eye-catching presentation.  A number of WordPress themes help bloggers frame content in specific and aesthetic fashions, using a barrage of designs and functions.

Consider Content

Content is not limited to text.  Bloggers present pictures, videos, comic strips, audio files and more.  What varieties of content do you plan to feature on your blog?  It’s important to plan beforehand; you need ensure the best reception.

For example, a photo blogger would seek a theme, allowing for big, crisp pictures, downplaying other visual element on the page.  In another scenario, a comic-strip blogger may desire affiliate ads as well as other commercial calls to action.

Consider the type of content destined for your blog, and then select an aligned theme.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a process, facilitating the page’s ability to adapt to a browser’s chosen device, such as an iPad or smart phone.  This allows for better reading and minimum modification, enriching the interaction with your company’s blog.  Is your theme responsive?  More importantly, what does your competitors’ sites look like?  Are they better servicing their browsers and your potential customers?

Choose a theme with a responsive design.  Research reflects a rise in mobile phone and device usage, influencing browser behavior and preference.

Abundant Widgets

Consider the content as well as the functionality of your blog’s pages.  Will browsers see former posts, get alerted of upcoming posts, have opportunity to connect with your executives on major social platforms?  Widgets allow for more browser engagement, serving as calls to action.

Some minimalistic themes limit the number of design and widget options.  Gain a clear understanding of particular widgets function.  How can they be used for better engagement in servicing the target market?

Constant Customization

An abundance of WordPress themes exist, some free, others paid.  However, minimalist themes don’t allow for many options, limiting online opportunities.  Seek themes with many customized options; customization enables your company to better serve readers, facilitating chances of return visits, well-engineered calls to action, and eventual sales.

More options allow for A/B testing.  Would your readers be more likely to sign-up for newsletters if introduced via an overlay message?  Would they be more likely to download a company’s book if offered to the left or right of the main content?  You won’t know until getting results, by employing constant customization.

Get started; survey themes; and, download several of them, getting closer to a desired final product.  A/B test the targeted market’s reception.  Make your theme optimized for user experience, not personal taste.  Think like your market.  Which themes best suit your intentions for them?  What themes make it easier to digest messages and follow through on offered calls to action?  What themes facilitate repeat visits and prolonged on-page time?

Bobby Campbell is a WordPress consultant. She enjoys passing on her knowledge online so those new to blogging can benefit. For fast internet in your area, visit the CLEARinternet.com/products link.