Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 3Have you noticed a decline in your blog readership and you aren’t sure why? If so, one of the places to begin your detective work is looking into your internet reputation. Believe it or not, your online reputation can have a direct impact on whether or not people are willing to visit your blog.

Developing Your Online Reputation

When you begin blogging, your online reputation starts growing. As a blogger, it is up to you to set the direction your reputation takes. Building a stellar reputation takes time – but unfortunately, even a great reputation can crumble very quickly if it is not maintained.

Being credible and trustworthy is a great start to building a solid reputation. In order to do this, you have to set certain standards for the type of content you provide as well as the way you present yourself online.

Social Media Profiles Matter

Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 2Whether you like it or not, some of your blog readers are likely to find your social media profiles – even those not associated with your blog. With that in mind, it is important to ensure the photos and other material at the sites is appropriate.

Consistency and a ‘flow’ from one social site, forum, or other platform to another is important. This helps create a sense of trust and credibility for your readers.

The flip side is, if readers sense that you are a different personality on one site or platform than on another, they lose their trust in you. At the same time, as a blogger, you lose credibility. Your reputation suffers.

Negative Comments and Feedback

Another way a blogger’s internet reputation becomes damaged is through negative comments and feedback left by readers. In some cases, this can be a comment left by someone that disagrees with an opinion voiced in an article.

The best remedy is to address the comment directly. Ignoring negative comments and feedback allows it to escalate. It can make the blogger appear less than credible, and other readers may decide to stop visiting the blog.

Addressing complaints and problems with integrity makes bloggers appear more professional. Being positive is always important. People like to join forces with positive people.

Google Your Name

Your Internet Reputation Could Be Scaring Off Readers - WordPress Howto Spoter Pic 1Online reputation management should not be taken lightly. As a blogger, you have a reputation to build and protect. Regular maintenance includes doing a Google search for your own name and for the name of your blog at least on a weekly basis.

Results should show the blog and social media sites, as well as other online listings such as guest blog posts. Taking the time to review these listings will keep you current on comments and feedback being left at various places throughout the web.

Reputation Management

In most cases, with regular online reputation management, bloggers can keep up with comments being left about them online. However, there are some instances when things can get out of hand.

For example, a group of people can attack a blogger with negative comments across various sites and platforms. This can cause overwhelming damage that a single person cannot manage.

In such cases, it is usually necessary to work with reputation management experts like those at The professionals can develop strategies designed specifically for the blogger’s needs.

Although it may take time to accomplish the task, the blogger’s reputation can be cleaned up.

Debbie Allen is a professional writer and blogger who enjoys writing about online reputation management and marketing strategies.

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