Love blogging but perhaps feeling like your writing could use some improvement? I feel you, as I’m swimming in the same lake! Would you like to have a grammar / spelling / proofreading on autopilot for your WordPress blog?


Because I know you just answered “Yes” 😎 Ok, well maybe you didn’t – I still would LOVE TO SHARE WordPress  plugin I have discovered that acts as my private English Tutor! “After the Deadline” checks your writing and attempts to be smarter than you, when it comes to grammar, in my case it succeeds! :mrgreen:


Anytime I can find a piece of technology that is willing to correct my mistake – I’m game!

Side note: I only wish time machine really existed 🙂

Since the plugin was purchased by Automattic, parent company of the WordPress itself and now it is part of the options available for blogs – we can all safely assume that support for this plugin will be ongoing and timely.

And that means I can safely recommend that you add “After the Deadline” plugin to your personal arsenal!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!