Something that I simply had to share in this post…

Seems like this week is particularly good on great content produced in blogosphere as it relates to WordPress system itself. In last few days I have been reading just as much as I have been writing and want to highlight some of the posts I think should be a MUST read for any WordPress blogger and some must be a mandatory bookmark Cool

And without wasting much of your time…

  • Donncha wrote a post How To Successfully Spam Blog (And How To Fight It Back) which contains his analysis of NOFOLLOW downfall and how it impacts your blog. Then he dives into recommendations on how to protect yourself from the comments SPAM.
  • Jeffro2pt0 posted an article on Weblog Tools Collection Reformatting WordPress that can be used as guide to bring your blog up to speed and get rid of all the extra weight. As we work with WordPress we install plugins, themes etc and they leave traces behind. Traces that can bog your blog down. His article explains how to get around it and you can easily avoid the issues he describes.
  • WP Themer Kit was released and it is a great tool (collection) of what you need to create your very own WordPress themes. Provided with videos it will help you to get a head start with designing your very own WP theme.
  • Michelle MacPhearson created a list of Social Plugins you can use with your WordPress blog to automate some of the promotional tasks or simply get bigger return from your existing efforts. Great list worth looking into.
  • Links to your blog is what helps your rank well in Google or at least one of the determining factors with HUGE weight. Latest post on Problogger titled How to Build 22.938 Links To Your Blog is a great read for every blogger

There is a lot more but those posts are my hand picked simply because they held my interest and I found them particularly useful. Enjoy