I’m a strong believer in first impression. It is what determines HOW you are perceived on subconscious level even before you are interacted with. In case of blogs it is just as important, as first impression has a great chance of turning interested visitor into “fast clicking Back button” browser.

Sadly, even if the information you provide is relevant to the search!

I have seen it before and done it myself. Just think back – have you ever arrived to a site because it supposedly had info you need but was so destructed by the color combination, ads overload or awkward navigation that you simply clicked back to look for OTHER site?

I know I have and on more then one occasion AND Will Do It Again!

First impression matters!

My blogs’ original design was based on modified theme by Typoxp 2.0 by Sunaryo Hadi and even though it was well tested and proven to work – it was becoming dated rather quickly, plus I like to change things up, just like any other blogger 🙂

Here is the old look:


I loved my old theme and each element in it was tested and proven to work but I was also looking for a more modern look that will help me push my personal branding forth.

I have to say that I looked at multitudes of Premium Themes, looked at offers by custom theme coders and finally ended up choosing a free theme – Curious by E. Harrison but I bet you will not recognize it because I spent nearly 2 weeks (on and off) completely reworking it!

However much I liked the idea presented by theme  – it ended up only being a base for what I needed:

  • I hired a graphic designer to create all graphic elements and color coordinate them
  • I completely replaced comments system and search functionality that came with the original theme to make it nicer and compatible with WordPress 2.7+
  • I have created custom element above the Main content but below header
  • I added tabbed elements in 2 locations
  • Implemented some custom coding for social proof (subscribers and Twitter followers)
  • Nearly completely reworked the coding for the theme to ensure it is now optimized for Search Engines
  • Reworked a lot of CSS coding and also added elements for new my customizations
  • And a few more tweaks, as needed – too many to remember all

As result I got myself a brand new theme loosely based on Curious idea but more then 75% reworked for my needs. Here is a screenshot, in case you are reading in RSS reader:


And if you are reading through RSS – please do visit and comment on my new design!

Do you like it? Do you hate it?

I want to know as my new design was made with a goal to put content forward, make it simpler for you to access it!