I have been using Zemanta on and off probably close to a year… sorry, just don’t have the exact date I started using it 😎 . I even posted about it a while back in this post Cool Firefox Plugin For Bloggers and now I want to stress the importance of you using it too!

Why? Because once you do – you get one way links and traffic!

Need I say more? Well, perhaps I should add that it will be done without any manual intervention form you? Does that sound like a good deal or what? And now…

…I want to actually discuss your options in slightly more details.

As a WordPress blogger you have couple options:

  1. Install plugin so Zemanta will be integrated into your blog – works great if you are on the go and allows you to have access to the features provided from ANY PC or Mac you use to create your content.
  2. Use a Firefox Extension – my favorite option as I create most of my content from one of the two main computers. Also using extension allows me to disable or enable the functionality as needed. For example when I don’t actually want the post I create to become part of syndicated network and available for backlinks.

A bit more about Zemanta and How It Works

Once you have Zemanta as plugin or extension it simply adds a new tab into your blog post or page creation interface and a few other nice things. See snapshot of what I see right now as I create this post:


As I create content, Zemanta scans my post and provides with suggestions to relevant:

  • Images, so my post gets more “sizzle” and with all the apporpriate copyright information included! Very important to avoid legal issues.
  • Links, intended to lead people to relevant reference resources and add value to your readers.
  • Relevant posts from other blogs. Mt favorite option! This is the whole purpose of writing this post. As I create content Zemanta adds it to their database of available content to be provided to other people!

The way it works is really simple:

  • As you create content – Zemanta provides you with suggestion to OTHER people relevant posts – they get backlink from you IF you choose to inhclude them. And why not? You get the backlink in return from trackback and also you add value to your readers.
  • But most importantly – Your Content becomes available to Zemanta to present to OTHER people as they create their content! You get the Backlinks!

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well than why are you still reading the post – go get one of the options I have mentioned! Zemantify your blog!

And when you get back – please tell me what you think! Comment, share your opinion!

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