Because you refused to read the Comment Guidelines! I find it quite incredible how people CHOOSE to waste their time by leaving a comment on blog that is guaranteed to go to SPAM.

And yes, I say CHOOSE because failure to read a very small and self explanatory guidelines right above the comment form will get your comment directly into SPAM folder. I provide multiple ways to give value to commenters by sharing Link Love and providing DoFollow but you have to follow guidelines to enjoy the benefits!

Just have a look at small and I though easy to follow guidelines, that some people seem to miss completely:

If you follow the guidelines I reward comments after just 3 approved comments with DoFollow links using 2 different backlinks:

  • Your keywords next to name to your blog url (using KeywordLuv)
  • Latest post from your blog posted below comment (using ComentLuv)

And I even allow commenting on my old posts and pages, some of which have Google PR4. All you have to do to get those links is read guidelines, follow guidelines and provide 3 comments that will be approved if they contribute to conversation and topic.

  1. No need to keyword stuff your name – I already provide a means to add keywords into your name and have no intentions approving someone with name like “best Wii games strategies”. Sorry, you just wasted time commenting.
  2. Leaving mindless comment about a great blog and how you bookmarked it hoping that this line alone will get you by will not fly it also. While I appreciate that people subscribe – I believe that they do it after reading the content, not instead of it!
  3. And I’m the judge of the inappropriate or offensive sites. If you followed all the guidelines, added to conversation and your comment never showed up because you liked it to a site most people never admit on visiting – you can try to contact me and argue the point but I leave the last decision for myself.

I do appreciate everyone who adds the value to my blog by commenting, leaving feedback and providing me with multitude of ideas to write about and try to return as much value as I can, as long as simple and very short guidelines followed.