Have you ever asked yourself this question? I mean really, with “straight on” honesty – have you ever thought about it?


And I don’t mean it as something that would diminish you or puts you down but rather something that would help you understand your own flaws and perhaps overcome them? Truth is – nobody is perfect and very few of us are a natural story-tellers but it shouldn’t stop you!

Here are my reasons, or excuses, however you want to see them…

Reasons Why I ‘Suck’ As A Blogger

1. I never had a proper English Education

Like it or not but I will use it as one of my own reasons as to why I believe my writing severely suffers – I only had a few hours back in 1990 of proper English grammar schooling, which was limited to bare basics.

As result my ability to relay my thoughts in a way I would like to suffers. In fact I even had a couple published writers blast me for my poor grammar on pages of my blog and my emails.

But does this stops me? Hell No!

2. I’m a Techno Brain

Years of training and working with computer systems vs direct interaction with people put its own shadow on everything I do and everything I write. I’m not a story teller although sometimes I hit a lucky thought which resonates with some people 🙂

Computers are simpler and respond to instructions but people require a different approach and sometimes I simply fail to realize it! Or rather realize it too late and since my next reason comes into play, I don’t change it…

3. I do have A Lazy Grain in me

Ever caught yourself in situation where you know you have to do something or re-work something and just can’t force yourself to get it done? I know I do!

In fact once I create something, write a piece of content, I find it exceptionally hard to re-work. Slightly modify – yes, edit to best of my ability – yes, but completely rework – I much easier delete it!

Even as I write this post I have at least couple seating in my drafts folder for a while – posts I have written out of frustration or while thinking about something and being unable to properly relay my thoughts. Perhaps one day I will be able to re-write them as what shared within drew strong emotions in myself and I think important to share, but just not now…

I’ll stop on those 3 MAIN reasons I see as something that hinders my blogging, something that could be improved and at same time – I don’t see it as show stopper!

Reasons Why I Continue To Blog!

All my deficiencies don”t stop me and even if you have a larger list than one I provided above – I don’t think you should stop either! After all – blogging, even business blogging is all about first person perspective on the subject and none of us are perfect!

I Love To Share The Knowledge

This is one of the main reasons I continue to write on pages of this blog, as I love to share technical pieces and bits I find beneficial to myself. And however poor structured my story-telling might be – I hear from many readers and customers that I do a decent job at providing Instructional Information!

Understanding my strength or at least what I perceive as one, is what helps me to continue create content and provide information.

I Earn A Healthy Income From My Effort

I know it might not be something that everyone can say but what I personally do and what I share earns me a nice income each and every month and no matter how many downfalls or how many negative points I might have – I have no intentions to stop doing not only what I like but also what provides me with means to enjoy my life!

And you shouldn’t either!

I Like To Try New Things

Blogosphere is an ever-changing landscape and ability to adjust to the changes, go with the flow or perhaps even jump ahead and ride the wave requires quick adjustments. Sometimes they are of technical nature and sometimes not but either way – you have to be able to adapt and adjust.

I always experiment on this blog as well as my niche blogs with different things to improve on what I already do and contribute even more to my second reason.

Passion aside – blogging for me is PART of the overall business and I will not stop no matter what!

And main point of this article is:

Have You Honestly Looked At Your Own Faults?

And not to stop you from writing but to better understand what might be getting on your way – perfectionism and procrastination are two of the biggest issues I have seen while working with hundreds  of my customers and something that stops many people!

Evaluate what is getting on your way and if not overcome it – at least understand the nature of the problem and create an avoidance plan! Your future is in your own hands and only YOU can stop you from writing, however imperfect it might be and benefiting form it!

What You Think?