One of the most common questions I get about to blogging is “What Do You Post When You Don’t Know What To Write?”. My own variation of this question and I know many will be in same predicament – What Do You Write When You Don’t Have Time?

And it is very common, no matter if you have one blog or many – fresh content is a must to keep the search engines crawling and happy and readers returning. Then how do you solve this problem?

Solution is actually very simple and while it is referred to by many names – I like how Jack Humphrey puts it – Utility Posts. Posts designed to deliver information on topic and at same time give you with benefits of incoming links.

Idea Behind Utility Posts Is Simple

Create a post of your own that simply provides access to relevant information posted by other bloggers, get trackback link in exchange or just get noticed by the blogger you link to.

You would be surprised how far the reach of the “link love” goes! Other bloggers do pay attention to incoming links and reciprocate on many occasions, even though not always right away!

But the problem with creating utility post still the same – Where Do You Find Time?

  • Time required to find relevant posts on other blogs
  • Time to read through them
  • Time to post them on your post

Utility Poster Comes To Rescue!

Idea behind this tool extremely simple and effective – just watch the video by Jack Humphrey, instead of me bubbling about it!