What I love about blogs the most is ability of people behind the writing to produce content that beats anything you can locate in your local news and information found in Blogosphere in many cases more accurate and to the point, without trying to soften the blow.

In this post I simply want to share some great finds from this past weekend that captured my attention and forced me to take some action to either benefit from it directly or by simply storing the knowledge away for later use …

So, What Is Rocking Blogosphere?

  • First and foremost I have discovered that my blog made it to a list of Top 40 Blogs about WordPress and I would like to thank the author for including it. It was an incidental discovery through analysis of my latest traffic stats which clearly displayed consistent incoming traffic from WP Themes Gallery. But what I would like to add is that my blog ended up in some very good company and I highly recommend you visit the list to bookmark some of the blogs (or all, if you wish) if WordPress is your blogging platform of choice.
  • This Sunday I woke up to discover that FeedBurner is showing less then half of my normal subscriber number. To say that I was unpleasantly surprised wouldn’t be enough … I actually started to see what is it that I have wrote that could have send almost half of my regular readers into unsubscribing frenzy. Luckily I discovered it was an issue with reporting and according to FeedBurner this was attributed by Google Reader stats server not reporting for a while. Hmm … a good reason for investigation on just how much does Google Reader impacts my numbers, don’t you agree? Well, my investigation brought be to an excellent analysis on Mashable on the subject that displays just how inaccurate our Readers stats can be … I highly advise you read the post as it is excellent food for thoughts.
  • BloggingZoom is a new service similar to Digg, Sphin and PlugIM that allows us to get more traffic and what blogger wouldn’t want to get extra traffic, huh? I know I would and I have just signed up to see how it would fare. I learned about this service from one of my customers on private forum and it seem like might be a good idea. Just like Sphinn it requires that you create an account to vote on posts and early reports show that it might be worth your attention.
  • Maki at DoshDosh has posted last week an excellent article on Social Media Marketing and proper way to leverage the power of social networks. He uses his new blog as an example and goes on to explain how he manages to drive over 12,000 unique views to a brand new page. Pretty impressive considering that blog is completely new.

More is coming but those are few that really made me take some notes …