wordcamp.gifTime is one of the most valuable and precious commodities now days. I know for many people WordCamp 2008 perhaps is not a big deal but since my blog topic as well as my product revolve around WordPress it has become a MUST KNOW for me.

Last few days I’ve been using every available time slot to view the video recordings from the WordCamp in Dallas and while some of the topics covered might not be of interest to everyone, I know a few that should pull in ANY blogger using WordPress…

And as an example of such a topic here is a video presentation by John Pozadzides on 45 ways to power up your blog. In an hour video presentation he talks about practical tips to get traffic to your blog and popularity. Simple and effective techniques that are time tested and proven to work (shameless plug: almost every strategy he shares already built into Web 2.0 Wealth powered blogs).

And that video is just one of the many you will find interesting. I’m not going to list them all as Jeffro2pt0 at Weblog Tools Collection already did a great job on providing all the relevant links to videos that should be of interest to ANY blogger.

What Else?

Thanks to a comment by Stephen Cronin (an author of a few plugins that define the innovation) I have discovered that he just released a new plugin, which I’m about to test – KeywordLuv. What’s in it for you? Here is a quote from Stephen’s blog:

Some commentators enter their chosen keywords instead of their name. This helps them rank well for searches on their keywords, but many blog owners will mark them as spam! Even if you don’t mark them as spam, you probably get a little tired of talking to Miami Hotels!

KeywordLuv lets them enter their name, so you can feel as though you are talking with a real person, while at the same time helping their blog rank well for their chosen keywords. It’s the best of both worlds!

Note the first part of the quote. I have become one of those blog owners simply because I started getting too much crap comments that brought no value to the blog or conversation and yet – I didn’t really want to…

KeywordLuv solves a huge problem for me – it will allow me reward the good commenters with a Full Link Love using keywords of their choosing and yet, still give them an option to use the real name. That will help me weed the good guys from spammers and reward them!