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Weekend Freebies For Bloggers

One thing I love about the internet is that for those who search – there are tons of resources available for FREE to even further develop their business online or greatly enhance it in one form or another.

In this post I want to share a few resources I have found during this week that I consider to be GREATLY beneficial if used right. While they are covering different aspects – it is all good, as it is FREE:

  • Social Network – brand new social network that resembles in some aspects Facebook but based on proprietary application and created By Bloggers and For Bloggers! This network is super quickly growing and has a potential to become the De Facto Social Network for real bloggers because it has a lot backing behind it. Developed on early success of Bloghology magazine it is backed by a European publishing giant – Interactive Media and expect some big things from it. For me, as blogger it means MORE EXPOSURE, MORE CUSTOMERS, MORE SUCCESS! Join Me, It’s FREE
  • SpiderMate SEO Service – free SEO analysis tool that gives you more info about your blog than most peoople even know exists! Limited to 25 pages fro unregistered users it still provides wealth of info and perhaps an insight you need to help you grab the top of SERP’s.
  • RapidSeer – free service that will allow you to monitor uptime of your blog or site and get notifications when its down. Now you have the option to argue with your host and PROOF when you site is not accessible. But that is just one of the benefits – perhaps more important one – you can know right away if you product selling site is down and fix it ASAP to avoid loosing sales. While free version is limited it gives you the taste on what to expect and upgrades are lot lower priced than comparable services I have seen.

Enjoy your weekend and Please Share This Post if you like it!

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10 Responses to “Weekend Freebies For Bloggers”

  1. Sebastian says:

    I just wanted to drop a note
    that i now read this post
    because of your wordpress
    toolbar. I saw there was a
    new feed and clicked right

    So to say it seems to be a
    useful application.
    And one more thing:
    the post was short and
    quite good. You already
    have way better posts with
    more valuable information.

    But for a lot of bloggers
    i think all of the info above
    holds real value. So thanks
    again for your service.

    The community appreciates it.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Sebastian Schertel
    -The German Guy-

    Sebastians last blog post..Das Rechenzentrum, Anrechnung und ein ruhiger Mittwoch vormittag

  2. As usually, outstanding information and finds. Will be joining Social Network today.

    Max@Viliat-Blogs last blog post..How To Build Blog Making $100+ a Month on Autopilot Under 3 Weeks – Part 1

  3. Dennis Edell says:

    Excellent finds my man. There are others like Rapid Seer as well, have you tried any yourself?

    Dennis Edells last blog post..So I’ve Started to Monetize – Link Love Style 😉

  4. Pemo says:

    Rapidseer will only give my domain location as Alabhama – no other options & fails when it checks it. Even though my site is up. This service has some major flaws!

  5. CJ says:

    Thanks for these, mate! They are fascinating and helpful. I signed up with Bloghology imeeditaly–can always use a new source for networking and this looks to be a great resource with lots of potential! Then I went to SpyderMate and signed up there… looked up all my blogs and then searched other sites! TOTAL FUN! The information I found out was very usueful and eye-opening.

    Going to check out RapidSeer now. just wanted to drop by and say thanks…

    So, THANK YOU for sharing these sites! You ROCK!


    CJs last blog post..Use Robots.txt Wisely To Prevent Duplicate Content

  6. Just taken a quick look at the 3 resources listed above, and I’ll definately be back and take a better look at them!

    Thanks for sharing the sites, as at the end of the day, I probably wouldn’t have found out about them! 😀

    I will be back!…


  7. Ron says:

    Thanks Alex
    I get your EWP eZine and really like the way you do it .
    Thanks for the spiderMate tip…always need free help for SEO

    Rons last blog post..Online People Searches – Best Online People Search Engine

  8. Some really good sites; I'm going to join the social blogging network.


  9. Alwin Chuah says:

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for sharing the 3 links that help bloggers tremendously.

    Of the 3. I like the SpiderMate SEO Service as it advise what are the areas that I can improve on.

    Also please take note that the SpiderMate SEO Service does not open in a new tab/window. Unlike the other 2, which does. You might want to rectify it.

    Alwin Chuahs last blog post..How to check your Blog Posting in Google?

  10. Mark says:

    If you are interested I offer online freebies reviews at my site. If you offer freebies I can write a review on it. Contact me if interested and thanks for sharing.