With nearly a week of delay but I’m sharing the results of the Impact Boot Camp that I took part in last weekend in Philadelphia. Event organized by Ken McArtthur with one goal – very important one: Make An Impact, positive impact on the lives of people surrounding us!

I’m glad to be contributing member to “blogging” team of The Impact Action group. Goal of the project is to provide Awareness, Education and Access to Suicide Prevention via Speak Up, Save Lives project.

It is quite incredible to see so many people come together and not with a goal to earn or generate income but with a goal to help others! And we are talking about people who run Internet Empires and whose time spent this weekend is worth more that great many people’s yearly salaries!

People who are willing to give Make Impact!

Center of this impact became Deremiah, *CPE and his quest to change just a small part of the world – community where he grew up. His quest is at the core of the message pushed forward by The Impact Action TeamSpeak Up, Save Lives, and an example of giving many of us can use in our busy lives.

Join the Impact, spread the word!

Other notes…

Obviously when you have a gathering of so many great minds and internet marketing power players, there is a lot more going on!

On a personal note – me and my partner Dmitriy managed to get some great Video Testimonials for our product Expert WordPress, so well received by everyone. See what people had to say:

And Get On The Action!