Bloggers all want the one thing. Traffic! It makes sense. When you first started out blogging you were probably hoping for thousands of visitors every day, dozens of comments and maybe even a bit of income, right? Well, in the meantime you might have found out that traffic is indeed a myth and your blog resembles a starving human stuck in the middle of the desert.

google trends

If that is you, then let it be known there is help at hand. You too can have a blog that pulls in thousands of visitors every day! Yes, every day.

In fact, I’m actually surprised not more bloggers use this technique to boost their traffic. If you wonder what the heck I’m talking about, here is the thing. You need to…

Get Trendy

Getting trendy is as easy as becoming a Google Trends blogger. The idea of blogging on Google Trends is to catch the hot topic of the moment and blog about it before the rest of the world does.

A big plus of doing this is that you will most likely get indexed very fast. This means, if you act fast enough, your blog post will rank at the top of Google before the mass media gets wind of the story and bang… you suddenly have yourselves a massive surge of blog traffic.

Blogging on Google Trends done right can send you consistent traffic, which you can take and monetize.

Just to give you an idea of what is possible. I hit Google trends more by sheer luck late last year. Within the space of 3 days or so I had over 5,000 visitors to that blog. I wrote about 10 posts at the time on a particular topic and to this day I still receive an average of 50 visitors every single day without promotion of any kind. I also haven’t written a single post on that blog since December 2007.

Trend Steps

Here is what you do:

  1. Register a domain with the keyword “news” in it. Even better, buy a pre-owned domain instead for cheap.
  2. Setup your blog on a self hosted domain.
  3. Customize the blog to resemble a news site
  4. Start blogging on Google Trends topics

Tip # 1: Google trends updates their listings every hour. The sooner you are blogging about them, the faster you will be ranked.

Tip # 2: Write as many posts as you can every day. You don’t need many to get the traffic, but you do need to hit on the right trend to do.

Tip # 3: Just keep blogging on Google Trends, even if first you don’t seem to see any results. You’ll soon get a feel for how it works.

Tip # 4: Internet marketing gurus have used Google Trends for ages to do their research.

Google Trends could provide you with the income stream and traffic you were always hoping for. One word of warning though. You need to work the blog as you would any business. If you treat it like a hobby it won’t do much because the hardest part of working a trend blog is to monetize it.

Finding the right revenue stream is key to earning money with Google trends. You will need to play around with different advertising models until you hit gold. Despite this, it could all be worth your time.

Good luck!