Special guest post by Mike Paetzold

One of the best and easiest ways to get traffic to your blog is by taking advantage of the various free resources available on line.

Caveat: Your main or as I call it money blog needs to be on YOUR server and on a domain YOU own. You should be using a WordPress blog there.

Now that we have gotten rid of the caveat, lets look at some of the free tools that are available.

For the purposes of illustration we will pick a topic and use a bad word in my vocabulary ass/u/me that you have done the research and found to have profit potential about Bumble Bees. (Hey I am old and bald bare with me here.)

You buy a domain, create your blog and start putting content there to draw traffic. You are posting at least daily to get started and more often if Bumble Bee is a very competitive keyword. (Yes, I know I just picked that and have no idea if it is a competitive word. Boo hiss on me.)

Now go to Squidoo and create a lens on your topic. Add your RSS feed to your money blog in as one of the modules and make sure that use at least 20 tags. (You did keyword research before you entered this market didn’t you?)

Go to Hub Pages, create a new Hub on your topic and add your RSS feed again. Make sure that you add tags here too. (For both of these you can do a quick re-write of your content to meet the content requirements. Do not use the same content on both sites or what you posted on the money blog.)

Create a Blogger blog using your main keyword in the title you sign up with and create a short post about the great article you just found that links to a specific post on your money blog with the keyword that post was focused on as your anchor text.

At WordPress.com and MSN Live you will be doing the same basic tasks except you will link to a different post on your money blog with the corresponding anchor text.

Once a week you will want to add something to each of these sites. When you visit Squidoo you can add a module or just add a few more keywords and re-publish the lens plus the rss feed from your money blog will be constantly updated.

Hub Pages will follow the same pattern as Squidoo. I usually add a new content module every other week.

Each week you will link to a new post from each of the free blog services with the anchor text for that post.

This allows you to take 5 minutes extra a day 5 days a week and keep a constant stream of links coming into your interior pages on a regular basis.

If you have a commenting and bookmarking strategy along with this you can easily increase the traffic and ranking to your money blog quite quickly with very little extra effort.

Mike Paetzold runs a variety of blogs in various niches along with products and coaching on using WordPress. You can ask your WordPress questions at his blog – WordPress Made Easy.