“Blogging is a perfect business model that can expose you to the world!”

When I started blogging, I didn’t envisage attracting the media and earning six-figures annually. I’m glad to announce that blogging can make you exceptionally important. And if you’re not reaping profits from your blog, it means you’re doing the wrong thing. We shall see about that, soon.

Note: Profiting from a blog goes beyond making extra money. Although, it’s part of the equation but the real profiting is to build a sustainable business.

I want to show you how to build a profitable blog in 2 effective ways. These are simple tips to implement but the effect on your blog hide. Let’s dive in:

1. Don’t Drive Web Traffic

Yes, don’t drive web traffic to your blog because it can be a waste of time and resources. Most people who fail at blogging have neglected this common principle, but it’s the foundation of every worthwhile blog-success-story.

Everyone is not meant to visit your blog. For instance, I run a content marketing blog; the only people I need to visit my blog are entrepreneurs and internet marketers who need practical advice on how to generate better leads and increase sales.

I also want to attract aspiring content marketers, freelance and copywriters to my blog. It boils down to knowing who your audience is and how to serve them well.

Attract the right people

Bear in mind that your blog is meant for a set people. If you spend your precious time driving 1000 visitors who don’t care about your content or the services and products you offer, it’s a waste of time – and time is the most precious gem on earth.

Solution: Learn to focus on attracting the right people to your blog. I’ve seen newly launched blogs experience meteoric growths in the first 30 days. You know why?

The right people visited, shared the posts, commented and bought the e-books, joined the mailing list and even hired the blogger to perform his or her professional services.

2. Collect Leads From Day-One

I can’t stress the importance of list building, enough. There is no worthwhile task you could wholly participate in than to start collecting email leads of targeted readers.

From the first day you launch your blog, have opt-in box on the blog header and if possible, pop up subscription form to salute first time visitors.

Nobody really cares about your blog to consistently visit. You’ve to make them love your blog and continually remind them that you’ve new posts, products and services, special announcements and hot news that can benefit them.

Without an email list of responsive readers and prospects, you’ll continue to struggle for web traffic and as I advised earlier, you don’t need to drive traffic because it doesn’t work – but you should focus on targeted, responsive, eager-to-act visitors and blog readers.

Readers who subscribe to your email list have given you an open check to cash-in.

You’ll be leaving so much money, fame and juicy opportunities if you don’t have a list to engage with. See, blogging is all about engagement, sharing and passionately helping people become better. How would you engage when you don’t have repeated readers? Start building your email list today – not tomorrow!

Blog Success Recap

No matter the niche you’ve chosen, the two essential arms to build a profitable blog is to attract the target audience and lead them down to your engagement-funnel. Don’t try to sell to any blog reader or prospect unless they’ve subscribed to your email list.

It’s the greatest blogging lesson I learnt from my mentor (Jimmy D. Brown).

Now, take action on these two tips and share your experience afterward. See you at the top!

About the Author – Michael Chibuzor is a social media blogger. He shares guest blogging secrets and best wordpress themes for bloggers. He’s also a freelance writer and have helped over 50 small and mid-sized businesses to grow.