tweet-your-blogSeeing how popular and well received was my last post on Twitter and WordPress Integration I have decided to expand on the idea and make it even simpler to follow, easier to digest and implement.

Even If You Are Not A Technical Person!

Quietly I have released a new report that details each step of combining the power of WordPress and Twitter. I called report Quit Tweet Your Blog”

Initially I was planing to sell it for $27 but then…

Something has told me – what the heck! Let’s allow people get it for free.

So, I have no intentions to turn this into a long sales letter – quite frankly I think I have explained the benefits of takign the steps on the page for Quit Tweet Your Blog”.

Feel free to head over there and if you got a Twitter account – grab it for free. Yes, it does require a Twitter account to be able to download but it is a trade off for getting it at no cost!

If you don’t like the idea – just ignore this post and continue doing what you are doing and how you are doing it!

But if you do decide to download and use this report…

Your Feedback Is Important! Please let me know what you think using comments below!

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