It’s funny how we perceive ourselves sometimes and how it can be quite different from how your family does and the differences is quite drastic!

Case to the point….

Over last 4 weeks or so I have worked on getting my current house ready for sale. Contractors going in and out and checks that I sign following alone brought my wife into following line of thinking – we can “save some money” by doing small things such as painting, etc ourselves.

Or Can We?

I have to give my wife the credit – she is now not only taking care of the family, going to school full-time in the evening but also does most of the work. I’m only left with some wall prep. work, running to hardware stores and helping her out from time to time.

Problem is – every time I have to switch from working on my core business to chores, I lose time! Time that I perceive as biggest asset that I have but since my wife thinks we “can save money” already made – arguing with her will be pointless as she is just as hardheaded as I’m and in this case I choose the path of distraction that keeps her happy 🙂

Whew, long story!

Now, if I could only remember why I was writing it…

Oh, yeah – Time!

If you have some idle time this weekend, here are links to some good content to help you turn that time into Productive:

And if you think that wasn’t enough… Google Your Questions!

Happy Halloween Guys!