Pinging or doing notification to Syndication Services is important part of promoting blogs and spreading the word about new content. It is also a source of traffic to some extent and one of the most controversial issues in blogosphere!

I have seen hundreds of posts including from very known bloggers and marketers that share their opinion on Blog Ping and size of the list of RPC services your blog should have. Interesting thing – these opinions are generally radically different, in fact I have seen one very known blogger/marketer sharing a ping list that required quite a bit of scrolling just to see it!

There Is a HUGE Problem With It!

In my previous, older post I have shared a tip on how to “Optimize Your WordPress Posting Experience” by implementing couple plugins and reducing a size of the Ping List. Here is the problem as I have defined it in that post:


Based on my research I found that when you Publish your post, system is designed to go through your ping list and notify each service one by one until all notified. As you add more services to your ping list, delay continues to increase to the point that you start seeing time outs on your page. I have experienced it on several occasions and my list is not too big.

And just because WordPress have gone through several version doesn’t mean that problem is gone! In fact, it is still very much present and if you are seeing a delay when you hit that “Publish” button – more than likely it could be your issue!

Unfortunately, unless you are using a third-party plugin, such Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger – you will not be able to know about it, as by default WordPress doesn’t provide you with a log where you can see any errors with your ping list!

My current Ping List is fairly short, since I rely on FeedBurner and third-party pinging services such as Pingomatic (via RPC) to send notifications:

…and still I noticed issues and slowdown during publishing! When I checked the log, this is what I have seen:


Pay attention to red entries highlighted. Those have failed to be properly notified and while last one is due to some feed issues I’m investigation and one due to a duplicate entries of the same failed Ping URL – 2 errors are an actual problem!

Event with my short list, which is quite efficient – I had problems and the longer your ping list becomes, more chances of slow performance you stand to experience and unfortunately the only way to verify your list is by visiting each site.

In my case I have discovered that both services simply no longer accept pings – see images below:



I wouldn’t have known about it unless errors were present in my log! I trimmed my list and as result will gain performance – how about you?

I have to admit I’m still quite upset that FeedBurner have removed the option for us to actually choose with services they will notify for us. In my mind it was one of the more useful functionality of the FeedBurner we could control and now you just have to guess to avoid double pinging some services or keep default Ping List recommended by WordPress, use one I provided above as tested or choose one created by someone else.

Just be absolutely sure to check your log after creating new list and trim all services that failed!