I have dabbled on the Internet for a lot of years now, probably since around 1997. been very unsuccessful until recent months, due to my lack of Focus or stick-ability!

Always jumping around from one program to another, not doing anything real constructive.

However, I accidentally found Alex Sysoef online one day telling about his great program of being able to use Word Press to make Blogs. At the time I wasn’t really very sure what a blog was, or how to go about making a real one.

After several disastrous attempts I decided I would have another look at this man Alex Sysoef and see if he really did know anything about blogging.

You have to understand here, I was so sick and tired of all the hype I had been seeing that I was by now very “Ho-Hum” with most of what so-called “Guru’s” were wanting me to purchase.

Still, I decided Alex looked as though he could be trusted so I tried it.

Not only was there full written instructions, but it was all backed up by videos for each portion. Even having that I still tried to cut corners and do it what I thought would be a faster way.

No way Hose’ as they used to say!! Doesn’t work by cutting corners. Just follow each step and it does then work. Yes, it does when you follow through.

These people don’t write these books only to have us decide we know how to write them better. Why didn’t we do it in the first place? Simply because we didn’t know how!!

so to get out of following the lessons I thought ah, I’ll go into Google and look there for blogging. Maybe there;s something there that wont take so many steps.

Again, fools paradise. Yes, I found Google blogspots, and yes I found they were pretty simple to work, but they didn’t give me the options I had become used to in Word Press with Alex.

The layout was totally different, there weren’t many things I could do on there ;like I could with Web 2.0 from Alex. So I saved my pennies real hard, because being a Pensioner there aren’t too many extra dollars around, and I now wanted Alex’s book , Web 2.0.

Finally managed to get it! that book was the real beginning of me learning how to blog. At the same time almost I had come across another person like Alex, by name of Guido Steihle. He made very similar information available as well.

Between the 2 of them I have been able to build several blogs in Word Press and also in Blogspot and also learned a massive amount of “how-to’s” in internet language.

It really is fascinating, stretches your brain and  makes you really think things through. however, in getting a lot older, 72 at the moment, I have found it a great filler of lonely days, and also a wonderful way to converse with my precious children, several of whom are scattered around overseas.

We use skype of course to see one another and our blogs are available for sending one another the details of how our lives are. That enables us to send each other photos too, which also means they do not have to go into the Internet itself. Neat eh?

So you see, blogging can be a truly wonderful way of not only stretching your mind and keeping it really active, but it is a great communication tool.

I sincerely trust you have enjoyed my “splurge” on here.

Again I have to thank Alex for his mighty generosity in having a place like this available. Thank you Alex and also Dmitry.

Guest Post By: Danella Rutherford, a aspiring blogger behind Success For Pensioners Online and also shares her personal thoughts on Walking The Talk blog.