Making money from blogs is a popular way of earning extra money online. Blogs can be an extra source of making huge or low income depending on how you operate it. But before you consider blogging for profit, you need to consider some factors.

Blogging for profit is not for everyone, but if you do it rightly, you can transform your blogging success to a productive business. Let’s discuss how making money from blogs can change your life for the better. Below are some blogging tips to consider when starting to blog online…

a. Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part that you should not ignore when starting an online business. You need to select long tail keyword with less competition and high traffic volume.

b. Buy a Domain Name:

The keyword you selected on the first step, should be your domain name so as to strengthen your Google traffic from its search results. Keyword domain name can drive hordes of high quality buyers.

c. Blogging platform

Now you need to choose which platform to use. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress. WordPress is a highly Google search friendly platform which can drive a lot of traffic to your content.

d. Content writing.

At this point you need to write original article that will be of interest to your readers. Due to recent changes on Google panda update, you need to write human friendly content that will drive quality traffic to your site. As a writer I would recommend you take advantage of seo article writing service.

e. Blog Promotion

Once you have content on your blog you need to promote it so that they can be indexed by major search engines. Blog promotion is an integral part in making money from blogs. Below are some traffic tips you need to consider when promoting your blog.

  1. Article Distribution
  2. Media buy
  3. Guest posting
  4. Link building
  5. Pay per click

f. Blog Monetization

To make money from blogs, you need to monetize your blog so as to earn extra money from your quality visitors. As an experienced marketer, never promote more than 3 affiliate products on the same site this will portray you as a spammer. Below are some 3 monetization tips.

  • Put 2 affiliate programs
  • Adsense only from Google
  • Ad space for advertisers only

As you can see from the above ideas, making money from blogs is not a hard task but a challenging process that can transform your blogging success. If you want to make money from blogs, make sure to have full confidence in yourself with the right mind set. I wish you a happy blogging and have an enjoyable blogging day!

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