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Oh, Yeah! I said it!

Your eyes are not deceiving you because I do believe that Comment Spammers are directly encouraged by bloggers driven by a desperation to get activity on their blogs.

I have no plans to lay the blame here but instead encourage those just starting with the wonderful form of online publishing that blogging has become to stay strong and resist the urge to approve those few first comments on your new, shiny blog.

I know exactly how it feels when you labor on idea, you do the research, you work hard to create content that you KNOW worth the attention and yet…

Nobody comes, or what is even worse – people do come but don’t participate!

No comments left on your blog and you left to wonder if what you have created is even provides the value you thought it does. This is where the dangerous zone begins.

Since you have put some much work into your content – it will begin to score well with Search Engines and comment spammers often are some of the first people to recognize it. They swarm a new blog producing high quality unique content and start leaving crap comments just to get their links on your pages.

They know that in time – your content will give them benefits of quality links to their spam sites!

And I also know how hard it might be to send that VERY FIRST comment on your blog into spam folder, where it belongs! After all, it’s just one… right?


Once your blog is identified as accepting spam – you will get more, a lot more and can actually hurt your blog overall quite badly as linking out to bad sites can lead to penalty by Google.

How To You Get More Participation On New Blog?

There are several things you can do to get more comments on your blog, no matter how new it i, as long as your content is good. People love sharing opinion – you just have to give them a reason!

But before you do anything else – you need to create a clear Commenting Policy. I’m not going to go into details as I have previously shared how in this post – Create Clear Comment Policy To Avoid Spam.

Once that in place – you have several options to consider and one of the most important is How Do You Reward Commenters who take the time to take part on your blog, interact with you and with other readers?

I’m a HUGE advocate of rewarding people with quality links for the time they took out of their life to contribute to my content and I do using several plugins, which I can recommend:

  • LuciaLinkyLove – allows me to provide DoFollow links to comments who have 3 or more approved comments on my blog. I provided direct link to plugin file but developer stopped supporting it, although in my experience it works just fine with latest versions of WP. If you discover that link no longer works – search for other DoFollow plugins in WordPress Repository.
  • CommentLuv – this one gives people links to their latest blog posts. I have covered it step-by-step in my previous post and if you are interested to learn – read details about it in CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love post.
  • Comment Relish – this is a superb little plugin that allows you to send a thank you email to a first time commenter on your blog. Even though it is an automated reply if you do proper customization – it doesn’t have to be a dry message, it can be fairly personal! Great plugin to have on your blog to encourage people to return and comment again!

There are a few more plugins you can use but those 3 I think should give you the base functionality to reward commenters and now you only have one thing left to do…

Get People To Comment On Your Blog!

Hmmm, seems like we are back to square one, huh?

Well, not really, because now your blog is READY TO REWARD people for taking the time to provide valuable comment and you just have to let them know about it. While doing proper on-page SEO is a MUST – for a new blog it might not generate the results you are expecting.

But this is where  the power of social networks comes into play! I know many people disregard Social Networks traffic as useless and I have to disagree with that statement. I have always strongly believed that matching traffic type to the action you need is crucial for a traffic to be effective.

Socail Networks exist for one main reason – people want to interact!

And what does your blog need? Comments, interaction! Seems like a perfect fit to me and all you have to do is bring the people from social networks to your blog pages!

Twitter and Facebook couple of the most obvious choices and if you don’t spam them – you can get people to come and participate. I think Twitter is especially effective. In fact I personally use it and describe how in my free report “Tweet Your Blog

But you can go beyond automation and actually actively engage into conversation within social network and get a LOT more traffic from it. I have written one os the strategies you can use in How To Turn TweetDeck Into Blogging Inspiration – it is a VERY direct way to get people interested into what you have to say and I guarantee, if you do it effectively – you will see new comments

Hardest Part is to get commenting started on your blog but once you get few – power of Social Proof takes over and when people see that others are commenting, participating – they will as well. It is incredible on how seeding a few first comments can help you boost overall participation!

Whew…. did I ever stray from the original topic, huh?!

Well if you find this post useful – comment please and use the social sharing buttons to invite others to do same! Thanks.

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