Perhaps one of my all time favorite quotes from “Star Wars”:

“Stay On Target”

And I believe lessons from this short episode of “A New Hope” can be applied to just about anything in our lives, be it a personal endevours or online business. And perhaps one of the most important lessons of all..

There Are More Than One Way To Reach Your Goals!

I freely admit – I’m a Star Wars junkie and while my first exposure to the movie probably has a lot to do with the “forbidden fruit” effect, as trilogy was banned from former Soviet Union where I grew up, I believe that story and essentially main idea of battle between good and evil is what made me a fan.

But there are also lessons we all can learn and apply to our daily lives….

And I just can’t resist sharing the video moment here, that I personally would like to highlight:

  • So what does that teach us?
  • What is the difference between methods used by Porkins and Luke?

Since in this post I would like to discuss application of the Star Wars lessons to online business – lets take a look how two different methods actually apply to what we do an ultimately how we reach our goals

Method One – Rely On A Proven Guidance

Targeting Computer – a proven way to hit your target it obviously has several shortcomings and could be influenced by outside factors, Darth Vader would be a case to the point.

In Online Business I can see many equivalents to the targeting computer. Pretty much any good informational product, combined with tools that help you reach the goal could be compared to a targeting computer. And don’t underestimate the power of proper guidance that shows you what to do and how to do it right.

All that is left for you to do is – “Stay On Target!”

And yet – many ares unable to score the final hit and share the fate of Perkins. Quite sad, really… I’m pretty sure Darth type detraction is not something that causes it but it doesn’t really matter – end result is still the same.

Detractions can be quite different: family, work, hobbies, life… but one of the more dangerous – a NEW INFO PRODUCT that promises you will reach the sky a lot quicker. This is your ultimate Darth Vader! At this point you abandon the targeting computer that was leading you on the right path and grapple with new (supposedly better) variance, in most case with same results as before.

So who is at fault here? Did the first targeting computer failed you or did you fail it?

Method Two – “Use The Force”

Don’t we all wish sometimes that we could just “use the force” and overcome any difficulties we face and reach our target quickly and accurately? I know I would….

But reality strikes again and we realize that “use the force” option simply not available. Or rather its not available in its direct meaning!

I do believe each one of us has the power of  force, it is called Entrepreneurial Spirit! It is a direct equivalent of power Luke has used and can and will lead you to achieving an ultimate goal. And using it as not as difficult as one might think…

  1. You pick the target
  2. You plan the course
  3. You use the methods proven to work to achieve it
  4. When external factors are about to stop you from achieving results – Use The Force! Apply your mind to find a solution that helps you overcome the problem at hand but don’t sway from the path…

Stay On Target!

I know at times it can be difficult but this is what separates Luke and Perkins and results they achieve.


While saving the planet could be one of the goals, I know most of us are not that ambitious. People I know and work with generally shoot for a slightly smaller target.

“Put proton torpedo into exhaust pipe” – this was a goal both Perkins and Luke were shooting for!

  • Keep in mind your ultimate goal but in order to reach it – separate it into series of smaller, easier accomplished targets and once achieved move to the next one until you reach your final goal.
  • Pick one goal at the time and once committed – don’t sway from the path!
  • Use a targeting computer – if there is a proven way to reach goal you have in mind, avoid the mistakes by learning from others.
  • Use the Force of your entrepreneurial spirit and find a way to overcome barriers put on your path to the target.

But whatever you do, in order to achieve what you want, you simply have to…

“Stay On Target!”

Your own thoughts and ideas are welcome, using comments below !