speed blogging Blogging takes up a lot of time and energy for many of us. The interesting thing is that most bloggers do it for the sheer fun without expecting anything in return, except of course a ton of readers, comments and perhaps some money.

With the creative notions we use to write down our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and just about anything else that pops to mind we could simply go on forever and ever. But there comes a time when the blogging gets harder. Those times are when we start to evaluate too much on what we are trying to do.

As a result, we clam up like a shell and instead of being all inspirational, we achieve the total opposite. I’m not sure whether you have experienced these kind of feelings. I suppose we could also call it writers block in some ways. However I beg to say that this scenario goes further than writers block.

It’s the next episode.

Some call it the doom before a blog goes dead. Note I said blog, not blogger. Others refer to it as lack of inspiration. Whatever you might call it, there is a way to escape the cold and ugly claws of this blogging monster.

Here is how:

You start speed blogging. Speed blogging is exactly what it sounds like, but with a few tips mixed into the picture. See for yourself.

B. stands for being yourself. Don’t try to adapt to another bloggers voice, their wit or even their knowledge. Your readers will pick up on that and not like what they see.

L. stands for letting go. How often do we put pressure onto ourselves with our blog. Everywhere we turn, other bloggers talk about how often to blog, when to blog, doing this and that and if we were to listen to this in all seriousness it would drive us mental. Just relax. For real. It is your blog. You do what you want with it.

O. stands for opening your eyes, ears and perception. If we do this, blogging ideas will start to flow like water on tap. There is so much going on in everybody’s life and part of the problem is that we never stop to smell the flowers. Immerse yourself into nature and just let go. You’d be surprised to see how your ideas start flowing.

G. stands for greatness. Be the great blogger you really are. Don’t be intimidated by others. The best way to show your own greatness is by finding your own voice.

Now take all of these ingredients and mix them with speed when you write your posts. Don’t stop to insert links, don’t surf other sites while you write and don’t spell check or proof read until your are all done.

Write everything in your head down before you do anything else.

This will dramatically reduce the times you spend constructing your blog posts and leave you with way more time to enjoy life.