Guest Post by: Usman Nasir

As a blogger our main aim is to help other people, that’s what blogging means. These days many of us do blogging for money sake, which is not bad thing, every one need bucks to live life. So, when ever you do hard work you will get a reward. So, today I am going to share some useful tools which help you in blogging career.


First and very basic thing is your browsers, there are many browsers these days like Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera etc. We usually don’t care about them. But different browsers have different features and plugins. Regarding chrome many people use it because its pretty fast to load.

But if you thing little fit more regardless of speed, Firefox is perfect browsers for bloggers as it have many interesting plugins and almost no bugs. For me Chrome is second choice.

Speed Check of your Blog

This is one more thing which people don’t care about, but it really matters. Personally I don’t like the sites which don’t load fast. I mostly open sites who open fast. So, you should regularly check your blog speed with a tool called as Pingdom Tools, this tool will help you check your blog speed, and then you are able to optimize your blog in more better way.

Check for Copied Content

Usually we don’t know who are copying or stealing our content, to check this you can use a very popular tool called as Copyscape, it will tell you where you content has been copied and in this way you can ask those people to give you a credit or to remove your content.

Tracking of Comments

Commenting is the most popular activity of bloggers, so when we do too many comments we usually unable to keep track of them, so there is a tool called as coComment (an online site) it will help you track all your comments, and also tell you weather your comments or approved or not. 🙂

Connecting With Other Bloggers

As a blogger it help a lot to connect with other bloggers to increase your mutual relations and constant traffic. For this a tool called as Indiblogger can be used to connect with other bloggers very easily.