sezwhoSezWho was a start up that was different from other reputation management systems in a way that it allowed you to rate comments and also build your consistent reputation across multiple platforms, all the while allowing you keep comments local to your blog.

This was one feature that made me an early adopter but looks like its gone. It appears SezWho was sold out and by March 31st it will be gone from my blog, after painful migration of all the features to native comments system…

While we are provided with option to migrate to a new system that swallowed SezWho – it appears to me they are once again using off site comments management. I didn’t read carefully enough and perhaps I’m mistaken but it makes no difference!

I already made decision to remove the plugin and not replace it with any other. My time is too valuable to waste it on doing all customizations of the new plugin to fit my blog just to learn that in a few more month this one is gone too.

TIP: Before integrating plugin into your blog think – How Will It Impact Your Blog When Company Supporting It Is Gone?

This is the question I should have asked myself before and didn’t.

So over the next few days I will be migrating all the features I have build into the SezWho comments template over to native comments.php theme file in order to make Twitter integration work.

I will also lose all the threads of conversations and all old comments will be provided in flat format since all threads were managed by SezWho – this is the biggest impact from this ordeal to my blog but I will have to leave with it.