WordPress Web 2.0 SpotEr now uses power of SezWho 2.0 to build community. I have seen it implemented on Andy Beard’s blog for a while now and while I liked many aspects I wasn’t 100% convinced it was right tool for me. SezWho 2.0 release solved all the issues I had with service and now it is a proud part of my blog plugins.

As blogging becomes more and more popular and people are taking a dive into the process it becomes more and more important to be able to evaluate reputation of the person you might be engaged into conversation with on a particular blog. Credibility score across multiple platforms to build stronger communities is now possible…

A bit “hypey”? Perhaps, but the reality still remains.

I value my time and it when I engage into a conversation on my or any other blog with someone I would like to be sure I’m talking a person who is responsible for his or her words and actions.

  • False sense of anonimosity created by internet can lead to verbal excess not accepted else where in society and create one issue.
  • Been able to carry your earned reputation across the Net as you browse it and comment is second. After all – if you contribute and provide value – don’t you want to be able to display it?

There are multiple services that solve this problem but each one of them requires that your comments are hosted on their servers. Well, that is just not acceptible for me! I consider comments to be integral part of the content on this blog and in many cases value contributions of the commenters as much as the content itself, if not more.

Giving that away is simply Not An Option! SezWho managed to address all that AND add some nice Jazz to my blog content in form of ratings and multiple comments options. Reputation and all past comments made on blogs using this service are also available for each commenter. Just have a look at image I swiped from SezWho blog or just use comments options on this post:


Installation of the service is as easy as one plugin install, then registering with service for account and providing a blog ID into plugin options on your blog. Once completed – all the options are integrated into your theme and simply works.

I did have to disable images fro comments since I use Brian’s Threaded Comments. Something worth evaluation in the future.

How Does It Help With Community?

This blog is all about WordPress and how to use it most effectively. While I hope you enjoy the content provided by the team writing for the blog and find it useful (perhaps will even rate it? Wink) comments on this blog often contribute just as much.

  • A question or suggestion within a comment quite often becomes an inspiration for a next guide and I do greatly appreciate when you take the time and provide feedback, share your own experience or perhaps ask questions. Well, now you comments can be rated by anyone on this blog – and no need to register with SezWho if you don’t want to!
  • And you actually do register with them – your reputation earned on this blog or any other that uses the plugin will be shared across the platfrom and follow you. Your words will mean just that much more and your comments will have more weight! Can you think of better way to build a Social Authority?
  • Content Rating is BACK! I had to previously remove it due to couple issues I have encountered with plugin on my blog. Well – now you can once again rate content and help me help you. Rate what you read on this blog and allow us to create information you need!

Those are just among the few that comes to my mind right now and I hope you will take full advantage of it! Enjoy.